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Laura Rogora: At just 23 years old, she is the pioneer of Italian sport climbing

Do you know Laura Rogora? A young girl who represented Italy at the Tokyo Olympics. We'll tell you more.

Laura Rogora: At just 23 years old, she is the pioneer of Italian sport climbing
Laura Rogora | Photo credit: Instagram

Laura Rogora, born on April 28, 2001 in Rome, is one of the most talented climbers in the world. She started climbing when she was only five years old, driven by her parents’ passion for the mountains. Since she was a child, she has shown extraordinary talent, which has allowed her to achieve remarkable goals at a young age. 

In addition to climbing, Laura is a mathematics student at the University of Trento. Her passion for mathematics reflects his ability to solve complex problems, a quality that also translates into his ability to take on the challenges of climbing.

She was the first Italian woman to climb a crag with difficulty 9A. She represented Italy at the Tokyo Olympics and is preparing for the Paris 2024 Olympics. 

Early life and career

In 2016, at just 14 years old, Laura became the first Italian woman to climb a 9a route, “Grandi Gesti” in the Grotta dell’Arenauta in Sperlonga. This success was just the beginning of an extraordinary career. The same year, she won the Italian Championship in the Lead and Boulder specialties, then confirming herself as European Youth Champion in the same disciplines.

In 2017, Laura climbed another 9a route, “Joe-Cita” in Oliana, Spain. In 2021, she became the first woman in the world to climb a 9b route, “Eribor” at the crag of the Hermitage of San Paolo in Arco di Trento. These achievements have cemented her position among the best climbers in the world.

Olympic Participation and Other Successes

Laura represented Italy at the Tokyo Olympics, where she competed in the combined, finishing in 15th place. This event marked an important milestone in her career, providing her with the opportunity to demonstrate her skills on a global platform.

Among other achievements, Laura won a World Cup in Briançon in 2020 and took European silver in Lead in Edinburgh. She also participated in the 2018 Buenos Aires Youth Olympic Games, before competing at the Tokyo Olympic Games.

How does Laura Rogora prepare for competitions?

Laura devotes every day to physical and technical preparation. She trains every day except Sundays and in some cases twice a day.

Her training routine is rigorous, with multiple daily sessions that include strength, endurance and technique exercises specific to the three disciplines of climbing: Speed, Boulder and Lead.

The dedication and rigor with which she trains has allowed her to achieve and maintain a level of excellence in this sport.

Laura’s impact on Italian climbing

Laura is a leading figure in Italian sport climbing. Her successes have inspired many young people to take up the sport, helping to increase her popularity in Italy. Thanks to her visibility and achievements, climbing in Italy has seen significant growth in terms of participation and interest.

Her career is an example of how talent, dedication, and passion can lead to outstanding results. 

Laura Rogora and climbing on Crag

Laura Rogora has achieved remarkable goals in sport climbing, becoming the first Italian woman to climb routes of difficulty 9a and 9b. To understand the extent of these successes, it is important to know the different types of climbing, especially cliff climbing, which consists of climbing on natural rock.

What is Crag Climbing?

Crag is a term for a rock face, so crag climbing means tackling natural routes on the rock, which are generally longer and more complex than indoor ones. Rock climbing requires a combination of physical strength, advanced technique, and mental toughness.

Difficulty 9a and 9b

The climbing difficulty scale ranges from 1 to 9, with grade 9 representing the most difficult routes.

A 9a route requires not only strength and endurance, but also extremely refined technique and precision in the movements.

Climbing a 9b route, on the other hand, is one of the pinnacles of sport climbing. These routes are characterized by technical passages, very small holds and dynamic movements that require strength and endurance of the highest level.

The Importance of Climbing Shoes on Crag

Crag climbing requires specific equipment, including climbing shoes, which must offer safety, comfort and high performance. The footwear must fit perfectly to the foot, with the toes slightly arched and without gaps either in the toe or in the heel.

But we talked about this in another article where we also recommended 3 models of the best shoes for sport climbing at the crag.

Given the importance of this element for those who practice sport climbing, Laura Rogora also relies on technical shoes for her climbs. Let’s see which ones together.

Laura Rogora’s shoes

Laura Rogora uses the highest quality footwear to face the challenges of the most difficult crags. In particular, she prefers La Sportiva’s Solution and Skwama models, which are known for their advanced technical features.

Climbing shoes: La Sportiva Solution

The Solutions are particularly suitable for experienced climbers like Laura, who need optimal precision and grip to tackle difficult and technical routes.

Key features:

  • Vibram XS Grip2 rubber: Offers exceptional grip, essential for maintaining grip even on the smoothest and most challenging surfaces.
  • Fast Lacing System: Allows for quick and precise adjustment, ensuring that the shoe fits snugly to the foot and offering stability and safety when climbing.
  • Aggressive Design: The shoe’s sharp toe box and pronounced arch improve the ability to grip small grips and edges.
La Sportiva Solution | Laura Rogora's shoes | shoestechnologies
La Sportiva Solution
Photo credit: La sportiva

Climbing shoes: La Sportiva Skwama

The Skwama is designed for climbers who are looking for a versatile shoe that can adapt to different conditions and types of rock, while offering comfort and high performance.

Key features:

La Sportiva Skwama | Laura Rogora's shoes | shoestechnologies
La Sportiva Skwama
Photo credit: La Sportiva
  • Flexibility and Support: The Skwama’s construction combines a flexible sole with sturdy support, ideal for dynamic movements and quick changes of direction on challenging routes.
  • S-Heel System: A special heel construction that improves stability and control during lateral downshifts and heel techniques.
  • Vibram XS Grip2 Rubber: Like the Solution, the Skwama also comes with this rubber for superior grip.

Laura Rogora is an example of how the right equipment, combined with talent and dedication, can lead to extraordinary results. La Sportiva climbing shoes, such as the Solution and Skwama models, represent the best of technology and design for the sport, offering athletes the necessary features to face the challenges of the most difficult crags.

Choosing the right shoe is essential to improve your performance and fully enjoy the climbing experience.

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