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Travel in style, but travel green

For many people, leaving means traveling even very far, facing journeys of many hours. So, functionality, comfort, versatility are required. But, also, to be on trend and, why not, sustainable.

Travel in style, but travel green
Photo credit: Thule

Spring is approaching and for some it means going back to spend a few weekends around the world. If in the past described in Agatha Christie‘s books, traveling meant dressing up and carrying fine trunks in tow that concealed even more elegance, today there is a strong feeling that versatility (casual looks that do not disfigure in society) combined with a healthy dose of functional comfort are requirements that no one wants to give up.

If all these features are then accompanied by a sustainable design, the choice is soon made.

So, what could be better than some accessories that could be called fashion, but also leisure, such as sneakers and backpacks with a green soul?

The first leg of the journey involves wearing RE49. The footwear brand has made sustainability and circular economy its mission, becoming an ambassador of slow fashion and planet-friendly fashion.

For RE49, being green means making shoes with as little environmental impact as possible, minimizing waste, giving waste materials a new life and producing footwear that is sustainable from start to finish: from when they are designed to when they end their life cycle.

travel green | Re49 |shoestechnologies
RE49 shoes

Indeed, the family shoe company, founded in 1949, has been converted to a circular economy production model. Materials and resources are reused, recovered and regenerated to create shoes that will be repurposed into new products at the end of their lives. All components and materials in RE49 shoes are recycled. 

The production method is 100% carbon neutral with zero emissions, and the footwear has PETA-approved Vegan and Cruelty-free certification, attesting that the product contains no animal-derived elements and has not been tested on animals. In the tongue of each RE49 shoe, moreover, a microchip is inserted where the tracking of each individual production process is stored so that the wearer is given back all the information needed to retrace a transparent supply chain.

travel green | Re49 |shoestechnologies
Re49 shoes

The next stop on the journey involves a disembarkation, a change of flight with very little time to spare. Fortunately, we no longer travel with heavy suitcases to lug around airports but rely on a very practical backpack.

travel green | Thule Chasm |shoestechnologies
Photo credit: Thule

Perhaps a Thule Chasm that has recently been revamped with recycled materials and new colors. The global outdoor sports and activities brand, founded in 1942, revamps its Chasm collection with 100 percent recycled fabrics and new colors inspired by nature.

The latest evolution of Thule Chasm reflects Thule’s commitment to sustainability: each product is made using 100 % recycled fabrics, both inside and in the interior linings. In addition, the waterproof outer lining will be PFAS-free to protect the equipment from moisture while protecting the environment from harmful chemicals. The result of Thule’s efforts is encapsulated in a collection that will be able to be used intensively for years to come and will offer everyone a sustainable option for their adventures.

It’s fine that backpacking is convenient, but in today’s airports, which look more like cities, sometimes even theme parks, you have to walk a lot. So, let’s go back to a pair of sneakers.

Unity offers a shoe that represents a real turning point for the company. A shoe that aims to be more than just an accessory, but rather a symbol of the brand’s commitment to sustainability and innovation.

travel green | Unity shoes |shoestechnologies
Unity shoes

The Unity shoe features a contemporary design and a focus on comfort that is evident in every detail, and it is made with selected materials that offer a snug fit and extraordinary breathability, but above all with a constant focus on sustainability.

The new sneaker, in fact, is made with the iconic engineered knit fabric, marked Tricotech®, in collaboration with the prestigious ACBC brand, the first Italian company in the world of B-Corp certified footwear, specializing in the design and production of sustainable products. Unity has gone to great lengths to adopt eco-friendly materials, ensuring that from the beginning to the end of the shoe’s life cycle, every detail is designed to reduce environmental impact.

Arriving at the destination you are ready for a few days of leisure, but you are reminded that so light and minimalist you have not traveled. Also accompanying us in the hold was a nice trolley bag that is worth picking up at baggage claim.

travel green | Piquadro |shoestechnologies
Piquadro suitcase

It is a Piquadro from the Eco Corner 2.0 line. A line for travel, consisting not only of a series of backpacks and sneakers, but also trolleys of different sizes, produced with the same green approach and therefore with recycled materials and technologies that minimize carbon emissions.

De-structured, soft, lightweight, capacious and super-organized, the trolleys are protected by corner pieces, the original detail of the unforgettable Corner line, and feature a new functionality: they are equipped with a modular attachment system that allows two or more to be attached to each other for a whole new, easy and comfortable use. Consistent with Piquadro’s green strategy, the trolleys are carbon neutral: the carbon dioxide emitted in their production is offset by the purchase of certified carbon credits.

The suitcase is there, the backpack is on, the comfortable shoes are not lacking… all that’s left is to have fun.

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