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Vaneda: an encounter with nature should not be a luxury, the promise since 2004

Vaneda, the Turkish brand born for outdoor activities, and more.

kadir yilmaz founder vaneda

Vaneda has established itself as a leading Turkish company in the world of outdoor and more. Founded in 2004 in Istanbul by Kadir Yılmaz, it quickly became a reference point in the world of 360° footwear, with the promise of accompanying anyone, anywhere they want to go, whether it’s in the wildest nature or on the streets of a city.

Our company motto is meeting with nature should not be a luxury.

With a commitment to innovative technology and quality design, Vaneda has become a dynamic footwear company offering high-quality products and excellent performance. One of the milestones that this brand aims to achieve is being the first outdoor brand in Turkey.

Vaneda is present in every footwear market segment, from outdoor to lifestyle, and even in the production of boots for the armed forces. The Vaneda world is truly vast and filled with solutions for every need.

vaneda | shoestechnologies
Vaneda’s founder Kadir Yilmaz

The production of footwear for security forces is particularly important, as explained by Kadir Yılmaz.

Still the most important of Vaneda’s production is covered with boots and shoes that meet the requirement for our soldiers and security forces. So far, we have the honor of wearing our brand products to many of our valuable security forces.

But how did the idea of creating this brand come about?

It all started with Kadir’s passion for the outdoors and exploration, which soon turned into a true lifestyle and consequently a job. Based on his personal experience, he realized what was missing in products for this industry and thus gave life to the first line of footwear.

This strong connection with the natural world is not simply limited to the features of footwear for engaging in activities in these places, but has become a real project: Vaneda Eco, footwear made from recyclable materials.

We are redesigning the design of our product, the selection of materials, and production processes to integrate sustainability into our daily production mechanism. In order to reduce waste production, we collaborate with suppliers who share the same vision regarding reuse and recycling. Thinking about the future of the world is #Natural.

Vaneda for the lifestyle and urban style world

In addition to footwear for outdoor activities, as mentioned above, in 2023 Vaneda decided to expand its lifestyle and urban collections, embarking on a collaboration with MICHELIN. This project is very important for Vaneda’s growth because it is the first Turkish brand to start such a collaboration. It is through the synergistic work of these two entities that the V-Mich Free Sneakers Multicolor is born, an everyday shoe whose sole is designed with Fiberlite technology, providing grip, high comfort, flexibility, and lightness.

Vaneda has established its presence in the outdoor world and beyond by combining design, technology, and material quality. By introducing the Vaneda Eco line, it is expanding its collections with a constant focus on the future.

Vaneda: an encounter with nature should not be a luxury, the promise since 2004

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