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Safety shoes brands 2024

New year, new fashions. Here are the ones that await us in this 2024 for safety footwear.

Safety shoes brands 2024
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We’ve already talked about the history of shoes. But on that occasion we dealt with the past of any type of footwear. What we want to talk about today is the safety shoe sector, which is certainly less old.

The origin of these shoes, in fact, dates back to the beginning of the twentieth century with the introduction of safety devices. What we would call PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) today. At the time, it was easier and cheaper to replace a worker than to provide him with adequate protection in the workplace. But, fortunately, the laws protecting professionals have changed a lot.

A few historical notes on safety shoes

The first protective boots were made of wood. They are what we know today as “Sabot“. At the time, it was a simple shoe, shaped and hollowed out from a single block of wood, used by farmers in Northern Europe. In this way, their feet were protected from sharp objects and animal hooves. But what made them go down in history was during the protests of the First Industrial Revolution. The term “sabotage” dates back to that time. When the sabots were thrown into the machinery to destroy its gears and stop the production chain.

We then move on to the beginning of the twentieth century, as we have already mentioned. In those years, the first laws were promulgated to protect workers and people began to talk about safety. And it was in the 1930s that the Red Wing Shoes Company began selling steel-toed boots. Toe that, later, was gradually added to other models of shoes. Like the marching boots used by soldiers during the Second World War.

Then, in 1970, the U.S. Congress enacted a law to protect workers. They called it the “Occupational Safety and Health Act” and it mandated a safe working environment for all. The law was accompanied by an administration that ensured the application of the new safety standards, including the use of protective footwear in places at risk.

safety shoes brands | shoestechnologies
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And that’s where we stand today. In a society where safety shoes are the order of the day for all professionals who work in sectors or environments where the foot could be injured, such as construction or mining.

And whose design, above all, continues to evolve following the fashions and needs of the moment, like any other footwear sector.

Who uses safety shoes?

We have written several articles to talk about safety footwear. We dealt with the topic in a very serious way, talking about how the market has fortunately grown and the different contexts of use. From shoes for couriers, who need footwear to drive for a long time and move quickly, to the unsuspected shoes for archaeologists, which are used to protect the foot during excavations.

safety shoes brands | shoestechnologies
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By law, every worker must take care of their own safety and health. Obviously, PPE is provided by the company, but the correct use is the responsibility of the individual who must be instructed on the different devices, their applications and on their correct maintenance. Damaged and unmarked PPE can lead to serious injuries and place the blame for an accident on the worker himself. Safety shoes fall under Category II PPE, i.e. those that protect vital parts of the body and prevent irreversible damage.

In addition to footwear, goggles, helmets and masks are also included.

So, who should wear safety shoes?

There is no official text that provides for the obligation to wear safety shoes, but these footwear remain essential in some sectors such as construction, handling, green maintenance and forestry work, industrial cleaning and maintenance, carpentry and in industrial contexts.

Which shoes are the most suitable, however, depends on the context of use. And to help you choose the perfect footwear, we at Shoestechnologies have written many articles for professionals. All you have to do is go to the search bar and find your profession to discover the most popular and trending models.

But if you don’t find what you’re looking for, write to us and we’ll do our research!

safety shoes brands | shoestechnologies
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Top 4 brands of safety shoes

Here we are at our usual list.

Today we have selected four models of safety shoes for you that are part of the trends of this 2024.

Men’s safety shoes

Timberland Radius Composite Toe Work Sneaker

Let’s start with a very casual model that could easily pass for a sneaker. These boots, however, have a medium rise and a metal toe to support the ankle and better protect the toes, keeping the foot comfortable and protected. It is mainly designed for a construction context, even in the most difficult construction sites, but the characteristics with which it is equipped make it a perfect shoe for other uses as well.

safety shoes brands | shoestechnologies
Men’s Radius Composite Toe Work Sneaker
Photo credit: Timberland

The breathable mesh upper, for example, is not only abrasion-resistant, but is metal-free and mutilation-free. This makes it perfect as a protection against electrical hazards, as we have already seen in the article on dielectric shoes.

The rubber sole has incorporated stretch fabrics which, combined with the flexible and anatomical grooves, allow a full range of movement without resistance. It is therefore perfect for all types of surfaces.

Finally, the insoles, designed with Anti-Fatigue technology, absorb shocks and energy return, giving further comfort to the foot. The Hover Spring™ foam midsole increases the comfort, flexibility, and durability of the shoe. And as if that weren’t enough, at least 50% of the plastic used for this shoe is recycled with an antimicrobial treatment for odor control. So it’s comfortable, beautiful and sustainable too!

Ducati Assen S3 SRC

A brand known above all for two-wheelers. A sport in which he has dominated in the last two years thanks to the Italian Pecco Bagnaia and the other riders in his paddock. But Ducati is not only involved in motorsport and proves it with gadgets, clothing and footwear. Among which we can also find work models, such as the Assen S3 SRC.

For the most enthusiasts, this name recalls the Dutch circuit that has always been present in world competition. And it definitely wasn’t chosen at random. This model presents itself with an unexpected elegance. The Assen S3 SRC are beautiful, comfortable and with attention to detail, so much so that they could be used as casual shoes outside the workplace.

But they have been designed above all for environments such as the paddock.

safety shoes brands | shoestechnologies
Ducati Assen S3 SRC
Photo credit: limeonline

The dual-intensity polyurethane sole, in fact, guarantees absolute adherence to all surfaces even in the presence of water and oil. Not to mention champagne, now a fixture at the end of every race. Fortunately, the leather upper also has a high resistance to liquids, water vapor and even tears, thus managing to keep the foot dry for a long time.

The shoe is also equipped with a THIN CAP toe cap, which also withstands impacts up to 200J and is inserted in a non-woven front lining, a 100% polyester back lining with honeycomb processing that makes it breathable and abrasion-resistant, and an HRP Insole non-metallic insole with ceramic fibers that prevent perforation

But that’s not all. The ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) Sport-Lite insole minimizes the risk of electrical damage thanks to its very low resistance to electrostatic discharge. In addition, this shoe has excellent energy absorption, especially on the heel part, to allow the worker to move for more hours of work while always feeling comfort, lightness and softness on the sole. Because Ducati is always a guarantee of quality.

Women’s safety shoes

U-Power Cherry

safety shoes brands | shoestechnologies
U-Power Cherry
Photo credit: U-power

Comfortable, light, but above all beautiful. With that touch of pastel pink reminiscent of cherry blossoms, from which the shoe takes its name. The Cherry are flat shoes from the Red Lion line that stand out for their ultra-breathable nylon and suede uppers. They are also equipped with an abrasion-resistant aluminum toe cap and an anti-puncture and non-slip PU/PU Infinergy sole.

Among the other features of this line of shoes we can include a WingTex air tunnel lining that also has special microcells for the absorption and dispersion of moisture. This shoe offers a high level of fit and protection so that they can be comfortable and durable even in the driest environments and during the most demanding jobs.

We have already talked about U-Power in a dedicated article, so we could not fail to mention the quality of its work products. And that’s why we decided to include it in the best brands for this 2024. A guarantee of state-of-the-art technology and the highest quality. The true emblem of Made in Italy.

Diadora Athena Mid S3L FO SR ESD

Quoting the brand, “Safety is Woman“. It is no coincidence that the name of this shoe recalls the goddess of wisdom and the arts who instructs industrious women. And it is precisely to support the female foot that this shoe from Diadora’s Utility line was born. Modeled on women’s feet and designed to meet the needs of comfort, fit and lightness of female workers.

This shoe is made of water-repellent suede and grain cowhide and is equipped with a three-dimensional polyester lining with microfiber anti-slip. All this serves to ensure maximum comfort and breathability to the foot, thanks to the very soft lining.

safety shoes brands | shoestechnologies
Diadora Athena Mid S3L FO SR ESD
Photo credit: Diadora

The shoe also features an aluminum toe cap that protects against impacts and crushing up to 200J and a K-SOLE metal insert in the sole that prevents puncture. It has a removable bi-density polyurethane and polyester foam footbed that offers greater drop and better support in the heel area. In addition, the D-light polyurethane foam sole provides cushioning and comfort, and the abrasion-resistant tread ensures excellent resistance to slipping and hydrocarbons.

And to top it off, it has an ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) certification that guarantees the dissipation of electrostatic charges in sensitive environments where electronic devices are used.

In short, real top of the range, don’t you think?

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