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Xpd’s journey from Suzuka GP victory to cutting-edge footwear protection

Revolutionising motorbike safety: An exclusive interview with Nicola Dalla Grana, founder of Xpd, on safety, style and the legacy of 'Made in Italy'.

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In the fast-paced world of motorcycle racing and protective gear, one visionary stands out: Nicola Dalla Grana, the founder of Xpd. His remarkable journey from a pivotal event at the 2000 Japanese Grand Prix to the establishment of Xpd, is a testament to his unwavering commitment to innovation and safety.

xpd motorcycle

With a family legacy dating back to 1977, when his father launched the renowned SPIDI brand, Nicola Dalla Grana has not only upheld the family’s dedication to motorbike protection gear but has also taken it to new heights.

We asked Nicola how the Xpd’s mission has evolved over the years and the key role played by ongoing research and innovation to improve motorcyclist safety.

My family has been involved in motorcycle protection gear since 1977, the year my father launched the SPIDI brand, that nowadays represents the excellence in terms of safety, design and comfort.

Since the beginning we have been supporting world top riders competing in Road racing, in all major championships. In year 2000 Norick Abe, great friend of mine, won the Suzuka GP: that was a great success for him and for my company, but during my fly back to Italy I thought it was time for us to jump into footwear protection, to reverse the same technology and the same knowhow we gained in gloves, suits and protectors, into protective boots. After few days, we begun to set up a new brand, a new organization and new design projects. This is how Xpd started.

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What about soles, on the other hand, how do they contribute to the protection and comfort of motorcyclists and what specific features make them suitable for your footwear?

How complicated is it to combine safety and style?

Xpd payoff is “Speed on wheels”: riding at high speed means the soles of our footwear comes in contact with the surface of the road in infinite ways: stopping at intersections, cornering on the gravel, crashing, sliding etc. All this could happen at various speeds. Soles must resist it being solid, durable, grippy, but more and more what riders are looking for is walking quality. We know a good geometry of the soles always needs to balance the hardness of its compound: for Xpd that’s a fundamental point.

Moreover, CE certification is a hard examination to pass: in one of the required tests, the sole resistance to deformation is measured to check its transverse rigidity, simulating a lateral impact in case of a crash.

The brand emphasises the importance of ‘Made in Italy’. Can you explain how this influences and is reflected in the performance and style of your products?

We’re proud to maintain part of our collection ‘Made in Italy’: in our area we have an enormous heritage and technology background, it is fundamental to use it. Moreover, when we talk about riders competing in MotoGP or other world championships, every single component you provide them must be just perfect, there’s no room for compromise nor margins for mistakes. This kind of boots can only be produced in our HQ, located in Vicenza area, under the direct control of our R&D: this generates a virtuous cycle of learning where everybody involved gets new skills and fresh knowhow every time a boot is produced, repaired or just analyzed, for example after a crash.

Xpd's journey from Suzuka GP victory to cutting-edge footwear protection

In the world of motorbike protection gear, Xpd and its visionary founder, Nicola Dalla Grana, have set a remarkable standard. Over the years, Xpd has consistently pushed the boundaries of safety and style in footwear.

Xpd’s journey is a testament to the fusion of innovation and heritage, where every stride is taken with the rider’s safety and comfort in mind.

As they continue to evolve, we can be certain that Xpd will remain at the forefront of motornike protection gear, ensuring that riders around the world can pursue their passion with confidence and style.

Xpd's journey from Suzuka GP victory to cutting-edge footwear protection

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