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Italian luxury brand Golden Goose and its Haus of Dreamers

Discover Golden Goose's opening of Haus of Dreamers and the triumphant debut at Paris Fashion Week

Italian luxury brand Golden Goose and its Haus of Dreamers
Photo credit: Golden Goose instagram

In the world of contemporary fashion, Golden Goose has redefined the concept of cool with its effortless style. Breaking the traditional boundaries between seasons and genres, the collections are imbued with a sense of authenticity, capturing the spirit of street culture and urban life.

Combining high-quality materials with unexpected details, such as scratches, frayed edges, and unique textures, Golden Goose celebrates the iconic principle of Perfect Imperfection, embracing individuality and self-expression.

Golden Goose’s history and its core value

The history of the Golden Goose brand began in 2000 in Marghera, near Venice, in a garage that was later converted into an office. The founders were looking for a name that would capture a universal and timeless intention, finding it in Aesop’s fable “The Goose that Laid the Golden Eggs.” With this name, the Italian brand still wants to underline the strong identity that has distinguished its reputation: to offer unique and refined pieces, precious and desirable by all.

From the very beginning, art has played a central role in their stylistic and design choices, inspiring a journey that has led Golden Goose to explore various worlds and spread its global message.

He is famous for his sneakers with a vintage aesthetic. Each pair of shoes is a canvas for creative expression, with hand-treated finishes, bold color combinations, and embellishments that are a testament to the brand’s commitment to craftsmanship and design.

golden goose haus | shoestechnologies
Photo credit: Golden Goose

Golden Goose has established itself as a Next Gen luxury brand, specializing in the creation and distribution of iconic products, with a strong focus on handcrafted sneakers, as well as apparel, bags, and accessories. New Luxury always has to do with the rarity of an object, but today exclusivity is not just about price but about culture, community and the vision of the world that individuals can express through that object.

He was a pioneer in the “casualization” and “sneakerization” of the luxury market, introducing handcrafted sneakers and a luxury casual wardrobe concept suitable for any occasion. Their meticulous attention to detail and the lived-in signature of their shoes have made the brand synonymous with high quality, promoting Italian craftsmanship excellence to the world.

What is the bond between the brand and the world of skaters?

Golden Goose, known for its finely crafted sneakers with a distinctive antique look, recently ventured into the world of skateboarding through a collaboration with Olympic skater Cory Juneau.

Born on June 20, 1999 in San Diego, California, Cory is an American skateboarder. He competed in the men’s park event at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, where he won the bronze medal.

This collaboration with the brand led to the creation of the Ball Star Pro, a skate shoe that combines Golden Goose’s typical Italian craftsmanship with features suitable for skateboarding.

The shoe, featuring a red suede upper, a white leather star detail, an ultra-cushioned insole and a special crescent support, blends style and functionality.

Golden Goose’s entry into the skate footwear industry highlights the brand’s commitment to creativity and authenticity. The collaboration with Juneau also underscores the brand’s strong connection to the skateboarding community, bringing a new level of authenticity and style to skate sneakers.

Culture, design and creativity: Haus of Dreamers

HAUS of Dreamers is a concept born in 2023 as a global traveling event to engage the public in the Golden Goose universe through a series of immersive events, pop-up stores and creative workshops. The idea took shape at the Marghera headquarters, where founders Alessandro Gallo and Francesca Rinaldo gave life to the brand.

HAUS of Dreamers celebrates craftsmanship, culture, and art, serving as a permanent home for the brand’s community of advocates. The goal is to create a place of contamination where different worlds can meet and dialogue, encouraging curiosity and personal growth. The concept extends through a series of unique experiences, workshops and talks on art, culture and sneakers, giving participants the opportunity to explore and interact with the Golden Goose universe.

Haus of Dreamers Venice

The multifunctional structure built in Venice is located in the Marghera headquarters, which offers an immersive and interactive experience. Every architectural detail is taken care of to represent the openness and diversity of the place, such as the large window overlooking the open-air construction sites, symbolizing the meeting of different ideas and people.

During the inauguration event, on April 19 last year, exclusive guests were able to attend an evocative performance by the sculptor Fabio Viale, who transformed the Venetian briccole (the wooden poles that mark the waterways in the lagoon city) into burnt marble columns, emphasizing the fragility of Venice’s cultural heritage. Inside the structure, the rooms have been enriched with details that pay homage to significant places for the brand, such as Japan, represented by a small red maple and golden friezes, reminiscent of the Temple of the Golden Pavilion in Kyoto.

The press, celebrities and friends of the brand had the opportunity to experience the new space in preview. They were welcomed into an atelier dedicated to the customization of shoes where they were able to witness the phases of creation and customization of sneakers in real time. In addition, thematic workshops were organized in partnership with local artists and artisans, such as upcycling, tailoring, ceramics and glass engraving sessions.

During the event, works of art were exhibited, with performances by artists such as the painter Maïa Régis, who with her large colored canvases created a silkscreen print, emphasizing the uniqueness of each piece compared to mass-produced prints, and such as the musician Mia Lailani, who mixed R&B, pop and hip-hop suggestions.

The following two days, April 20 and 21, the HAUS also opened to the public, giving guests the opportunity to participate in skateboarding sessions with the Fotta Skate crew, accompanied by musical events. The two days were then enriched by various talks on art, culture and sneakers.

We created HAUS of Dreamers for our people to meet and interact, the ideal way to celebrate and consolidate our history. Now more than ever, people are looking for thrills. That’s why for Golden Goose, sneakers are much more than just an accessory. Rather, they are a container of experiences.

Silvio Campara, CEO of Golden Goose.

Haus of Dreamers Paris: The debut at fashion week SS 23

Golden Goose made its debut at Paris Fashion Week on October 2, 2023 at Le Jardin des Plantes, launching the second HAUS of Dreamers event. Building on the success of the first event in Venice, the Parisian event celebrated the brand’s values, local communities, and the fusion of skateboarding with Parisian culture.

The evening featured a skateboarding performance led by international athletes, showcasing talents such as Cory Juneau, Rune Glifberg, Brooklinn Khoury, Zhang Xin, and Olympic gold medalist Keegan Palmer. The skaters presented Golden Goose’s SS24 Journey Collection through a choreographed presentation in which they wore the new sneakers, including the Paris Ball Star PRO, inspired by the city.

The event included an afterparty featuring a selection of Parisian initiatives from local Dreamers who collaborated with the brand, including L’Arrosoir for flower bouquets, Rupture Arts & Books for musical evenings, and Union Boulangerie for limited-edition cookies. The Hotel Grand Amour offered a special HAUS of Dreamers Espresso Martini, perfect for starting or ending the evening.

Prior to the event, Golden Goose promptly provided digital maps that guided visitors to exclusive attractions throughout Paris, including food corners, pop-up stores, and music events. In addition, immersive Golden Goose pop-ups have been set up in renowned shopping destinations such as Le Bon Marché and Galeries Lafayette, giving customers a closer look at the brand’s craftsmanship and sartorial heritage.

Notable guests include celebrities such as Liam Payne, Paul Wesley and Issa Rae. In fact, his sneakers have become a reference point for influencers and celebrities, appearing in the biggest fashion editorials.

Golden Goose has been able to gain a loyal following thanks to its most iconic motifs and its ability to capture the so-called luxury zeitgeist , i.e. to depict traces of the past. This has propelled the brand to become a cult and its creations have become sought-after symbols of effortless style.

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