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You need to know what the Digital Product Passport is

Over the next few years, brands and companies, including those in the footwear supply chain, will have to track and communicate data on...

Delivery drivers shoes and life on city streets

A look at the lives and best shoes of delivery drivers

Shoe care: How to treat different types of shoes

Keep your shoes looking great with these simple tips for white sneakers and leather shoes!

Choosing the best sport climbing shoes: from the gym to the crag

Sport climbing at crag vs sport climbing in the gym: two different sports? Let's find out together

Skyrunning: what it is and how it was born thanks to Marino Giacometti

We know the discipline that combines mountains, running and technique with the "father" of skyrunning: Marino Giacometti

The Benefits, Design and Success of Convertible High Heels

Discover the revolution in the world of footwear: High heels convertible into pumps

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Enrica Merlo: A Volleyball Icon’s Journey of Dedication and Excellence

From a young enthusiast to international stardom: exploring the triumphs and insights of a sporting legend.

Snorkelling and the magic of marine observation

Fun with mask, snorkel and fins: discover one of the most popular water sports around the world, the snorkelling.

The custom shoe trend. Craftsmanship, technology and design. The art of Tidhar Zagagi alias Pixel Shoe.

By blending creativity, geometric shapes and (low) technology at its best, Pixel Shoe is challenging the concept of creating, producing and marketing shoes.

When a Color Sets the Fashion: The White Shoes Trend

From the tennis courts to the hottest catwalks of the moment. White shoes have become a must-have for any occasion!

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From the mountains to the sea with the Formula compound family

Formula: a technology suitable for different contexts and conditions.

Traction technology: the result of a combination of compound family and tread design

Traction, JV International's technology developed for the outdoor world (and beyond)

La Tommy: The Swimrun Athlete Balancing Success, Career, and Social Commitment

An example of passion, resilience, and dedication in sports and social responsibility, she is Tommy.

Speedland: the Founders’ synergy transforming trail running footwear

When experience, innovation and style come together in one brand. The speedland story.

Xero Shoes: onto the barefoot way

Founded in 2009 and headquartered in Broomfield, Colorado, Xero Shoes has evolved into the top barefoot-style shoe brand in the U.S., with customers...

Story of Susanna Belli – Italian Spartan Race champion (female, 18-24)

The athlete who inspires with her passion, determination and winning mentality. The Italian Spartan race 18-24 champion.

Astrid Vinatzer: from skiing to cooking, choose equipment carefully

Different disciplines, many similarities. Interview with Astrid Vinatzer


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AL. PI. SOLES: putting the sole first

The shoe is made up of many essential elements that, when combined, make up a product that can offer safety to the foot,...

etnies Skater Aurelien Giraud Triumphs at the 2024 SLS Paris in his new Signature Shoe, the Aurelian Michelin

French skateboarder Aurelien Giraud won the hearts of the Parisian crowd while wearing his innovative pro model skate shoe by etnies, combining style...

Veja leads the footwear industry towards a sustainable future

Innovative materials, reduced ecological footprint: discover Veja's initiatives for eco-friendly footwear

Northwave Tailwhip Eco Evo: hybrid technology and commitment to sustainability

An exclusive interview with Northwave's Product Manager reveals the secrets behind the eco-friendly shoe and hybrid technology

Rise, Rebirth, and Timeless Evolution of Platform Shoes

From the origin to the latest trends: a journey into the world of platform shoes. From heels to sneakers, find out more in...

Rosenbauer: the solution against fires

How the Austrian company has established itself in the fire and disaster protection landscape with innovation and an eye to the future

Rugby & Guinness Six Nations: discovering this fascinating sport and one of the most prestigious tournaments

Find out everything about Rugby: from the origins to the rules and of course the most suitable footwear so as to be ready...

From 3,000 years ago to modern excellence: the history of soccer shoes

Discover their evolution through the centuries, with an exclusive focus on Cristiano Ronaldo's Mercurial line