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In the mood for safari? Outfits and footwear to wear for a totally safe experience

Choosing the right gear: From clothing to footwear, Safari adventure essentials

Comfort and Style: A follow-up of Vaneda’s Journey

Footwear evolution: navigating nature, fashion, and duty with Vaneda

How to choose field hockey shoes?

Learn the critical importance of field hockey shoes, how this specialized footwear can transform your game, and discover 3 recommended models that will...

Do you know the footwear pop star Taylor Swift wears on her Eras Tour?

The footwear pop star Taylor Swift wears on her Eras Tour and in her daily life, from Christian Louboutin creations to sought-after New...

Mattia Prignacchi on an adventure with Garmont Chrono GTX

Footwear evolution: navigating nature, fashion, and duty with Vaneda

How to choose the best padel shoes: what you need to know

Padel is a fast-growing sport suitable for everyone. It is important to choose the right shoe to improve performance and avoid injury: discover...

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Veja leads the footwear industry towards a sustainable future

Innovative materials, reduced ecological footprint: discover Veja's initiatives for eco-friendly footwear

Enrica Merlo: A Volleyball Icon’s Journey of Dedication and Excellence

From a young enthusiast to international stardom: exploring the triumphs and insights of a sporting legend.

Soles (and shoes) are not all the same

By learning to distinguish the differences and characteristics among different soles, it can help you choose the right shoes.

Who is Amina Muaddi? Let’s discover together her iconic shoes

The universe of Amina Muaddi's footwear, from fairytale-designed shoes to the extraordinary collaboration with Rihanna. A journey through success and creativity.

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Traction technology: the result of a combination of compound family and tread design

Traction, JV International's technology developed for the outdoor world (and beyond)

Vaneda: an encounter with nature should not be a luxury, the promise since 2004

Vaneda, the Turkish brand born for outdoor activities, and more.

Xero Shoes: onto the barefoot way

Founded in 2009 and headquartered in Broomfield, Colorado, Xero Shoes has evolved into the top barefoot-style shoe brand in the U.S., with customers...

La Tommy: The Swimrun Athlete Balancing Success, Career, and Social Commitment

An example of passion, resilience, and dedication in sports and social responsibility, she is Tommy.

Xpd’s journey from Suzuka GP victory to cutting-edge footwear protection

Revolutionising motorbike safety: An exclusive interview with Nicola Dalla Grana, founder of Xpd, on safety, style and the legacy of 'Made in Italy'.

Speedland: the Founders’ synergy transforming trail running footwear

When experience, innovation and style come together in one brand. The speedland story.

PARLANTI: The Rome-Based Boot Shop That Rose to Equestrian Prominence in 1987

A history of passion, curiosity and constant listening to the market, how Parlanti has evolved


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How to be sustainable even when buying a safety shoe

Technologies that can ensure a good degree of environmental friendliness are also becoming increasingly popular in the world of work shoes. It all...

Beyond the challenges: athletic prosthetics and Nike’s collaboration with Össur

Learn how innovation is improving the lives of adaptive athletes.

Saucony Ride 17: running shoes that offer balance, comfort and lightweight

A modern combination of comfort and responsiveness, ideal for relaxing walks and daily workouts, maintaining stability and durability even for longer distances.

Let’s try to build a sustainable sport shoe

To make a table you need wood, we used to sing when we were kids. And to make a green shoe? An upper,...

The world of vegan shoes: sustainability and innovation with Reebok

The various cruelty-free options for your Reebok branded footwear

You need to know what the Digital Product Passport is

Over the next few years, brands and companies, including those in the footwear supply chain, will have to track and communicate data on...

Delivery drivers shoes and life on city streets

A look at the lives and best shoes of delivery drivers

Shoe care: How to treat different types of shoes

Keep your shoes looking great with these simple tips for white sneakers and leather shoes!