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The ballerina revolution: the Balenciaga Leopold

Do you think that ballet flats are only intended for women? Well, Demna Gvasalia challenges this conception, and Balenciaga introduces the Leopold, an...

Who is Amina Muaddi? Let’s discover together his iconic shoes

The universe of Amina Muaddi's footwear, from fairytale-designed shoes to the extraordinary collaboration with Rihanna. A journey through success and creativity.

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FOOTWEAR FOR FARMERS: comfort, safety and resistance are the three fundamental pillars

From the choice of footwear to the importance of socks: how to protect your feet in all outdoor working conditions

The revolution of recycled leather in the world of footwear: the example of Dr. Martens

Brands like Dr. Martens are driving the shift towards eco-friendly materials in the footwear industry

From the Battlefields to the Runway: The Iconic Story of Desert Boots

The extraordinary evolution of desert boots, from military needs to a symbol of 'smart casual' style that defies time and fast fashion.

Magnum Boots and Sam Foster’s heroic feat in the Run for a Reason Half Marathon in Perth

Meet Sam, the firefighter who completed the half marathon wearing a uniform, boots included!

Slip-on Trend: Beyond Comfort, A Fashion Culture Accessible to All

From Ancient Rome to Kanye West and Vans' iconic Yeezys: the evolution of slip-on shoes in contemporary fashion

Latin American or Caribbean dances?

Rhythmic and sensual dance where complicity transcends traditional roles. The key to making the experience extraordinary? The right shoes.

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Even the soles are sewn, not just the clothes

Footwear assembled by sewing the parts together is stronger, more durable and also more sustainable. Let's find out how and why soles and...

PARLANTI: The Rome-Based Boot Shop That Rose to Equestrian Prominence in 1987

A history of passion, curiosity and constant listening to the market, how Parlanti has evolved

The revolution of BOA Fit System, from a specific demand to a versatile solution

The BOA Fit System and the importance of the sole for maximum performance and comfort

The Mary Jane: from comic books to catwalks, the most desired shoes of every season!

We explore the history, evolution and trends of these iconic footwear

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Speedland: the Founders’ synergy transforming trail running footwear

When experience, innovation and style come together in one brand. The speedland story.

Story of Susanna Belli – Italian Spartan Race champion (female, 18-24)

The athlete who inspires with her passion, determination and winning mentality. The Italian Spartan race 18-24 champion.

Astrid Vinatzer: from skiing to cooking, choose equipment carefully

Different disciplines, many similarities. Interview with Astrid Vinatzer

Xpd’s journey from Suzuka GP victory to cutting-edge footwear protection

Revolutionising motorbike safety: An exclusive interview with Nicola Dalla Grana, founder of Xpd, on safety, style and the legacy of 'Made in Italy'.

La Tommy: The Swimrun Athlete Balancing Success, Career, and Social Commitment

An example of passion, resilience, and dedication in sports and social responsibility, she is Tommy.

The story of the OCR discipline through the eyes of champion Alessandro Coletta

Alessandro Coletta, Italian and European champion, tells us about the beauty of OCR (Obstacle Course Race) and the importance of the correct equipment...

PARLANTI: The Rome-Based Boot Shop That Rose to Equestrian Prominence in 1987

A history of passion, curiosity and constant listening to the market, how Parlanti has evolved

Traction technology: the result of a combination of compound family and tread design

Traction, JV International's technology developed for the outdoor world (and beyond)

Vaneda: an encounter with nature should not be a luxury, the promise since 2004

Vaneda, the Turkish brand born for outdoor activities, and more.


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Discovering the benefits of orthopedic shoes

From Relieving Foot Pain to Improving Posture: The Benefits of Custom Orthopedic Shoes

Heels Dance: sensuality and well-being in every movement

From Argentine Tango to Heels Dance. A journey into the different forms of body expression and the choice of heeled shoes.

Armocromia: revolutionizing style through colors

How color analysis is transforming fashion, makeup, and even the choice of shoes to enhance one's natural beauty.

Shoes for those who work between office and construction site

Those who find themselves spending a lot of time between construction sites and the office need shoes that know how to be comfortable...

Archaeologist’s Life: Discovering History with Gloves and Shoes

Join us at an archaeological site. Learn about the life of an archaeologist and his choice of shoes.

Top Office Trends for Everyday Life

Finding the perfect look to go to work every day can be difficult, so we've prepared some tips that can help you!

MONTEBELLUNA: where history, genius and mountains come together.

In this place surrounded by mountains, there is a centuries-old history of footwear work that has led Montebelluna to be one of the...

Shoe Care: best tips for Daily Cleaning and Maintenance

Do you prefer a dress shoe or a casual shoe? No matter, we have advice for everyone!