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AL. PI. SOLES: putting the sole first

The shoe is made up of many essential elements that, when combined, make up a product that can offer safety to the foot,...

etnies Skater Aurelien Giraud Triumphs at the 2024 SLS Paris in his new Signature Shoe, the Aurelian Michelin

French skateboarder Aurelien Giraud won the hearts of the Parisian crowd while wearing his innovative pro model skate shoe by etnies, combining style...

Veja leads the footwear industry towards a sustainable future

Innovative materials, reduced ecological footprint: discover Veja's initiatives for eco-friendly footwear

Northwave Tailwhip Eco Evo: hybrid technology and commitment to sustainability

An exclusive interview with Northwave's Product Manager reveals the secrets behind the eco-friendly shoe and hybrid technology

Rise, Rebirth, and Timeless Evolution of Platform Shoes

From the origin to the latest trends: a journey into the world of platform shoes. From heels to sneakers, find out more in...

Rosenbauer: the solution against fires

How the Austrian company has established itself in the fire and disaster protection landscape with innovation and an eye to the future

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Crocs: the evolution of the brand and its cultural impact through collaborations

From disdain to trend, here's how Crocs won over Generation Z through successful collaborations

Veja leads the footwear industry towards a sustainable future

Innovative materials, reduced ecological footprint: discover Veja's initiatives for eco-friendly footwear

Pickleball: does tennis have a new antagonist?

The emergence of pickleball and the rise of champion Vivienne David.

You need to know what the Digital Product Passport is

Over the next few years, brands and companies, including those in the footwear supply chain, will have to track and communicate data on...

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Enrica Merlo: A Volleyball Icon’s Journey of Dedication and Excellence

From a young enthusiast to international stardom: exploring the triumphs and insights of a sporting legend.

PARLANTI: The Rome-Based Boot Shop That Rose to Equestrian Prominence in 1987

A history of passion, curiosity and constant listening to the market, how Parlanti has evolved

Story of Susanna Belli – Italian Spartan Race champion (female, 18-24)

The athlete who inspires with her passion, determination and winning mentality. The Italian Spartan race 18-24 champion.

Traction technology: the result of a combination of compound family and tread design

Traction, JV International's technology developed for the outdoor world (and beyond)

From the mountains to the sea with the Formula compound family

Formula: a technology suitable for different contexts and conditions.

Xero Shoes: onto the barefoot way

Founded in 2009 and headquartered in Broomfield, Colorado, Xero Shoes has evolved into the top barefoot-style shoe brand in the U.S., with customers...

Astrid Vinatzer: from skiing to cooking, choose equipment carefully

Different disciplines, many similarities. Interview with Astrid Vinatzer

Vaneda: an encounter with nature should not be a luxury, the promise since 2004

Vaneda, the Turkish brand born for outdoor activities, and more.


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Let’s take a look at the History of Shoes

From prehistory to the present day. Let's find out together when the first footwear was born and how it has evolved to the...

Fashionably flying in style: the transformation of flight attendant uniforms

From the civil rights struggle to high fashion brands: a journey through the evolution of flight attendant uniforms

The ballerina revolution: the Balenciaga Leopold

Do you think that ballet flats are only intended for women? Well, Demna Gvasalia challenges this conception, and Balenciaga introduces the Leopold, an...

Who is Amina Muaddi? Let’s discover together her iconic shoes

The universe of Amina Muaddi's footwear, from fairytale-designed shoes to the extraordinary collaboration with Rihanna. A journey through success and creativity.

U-Power: safety footwear in step with contemporary fashion

U-Power's incredible story in the context of the "workwear" trend: a limitless influence of style and materials in workwear

Protect your health with dielectric shoes

Discover safety for electrical workers with dielectric shoes and other industrial PPE.

The amazing World to Bee: We put on the Beekeeper’s Shoes

Enter this wonderful world. Walk among the beehives with all the tools of the trade, from protective overalls to beekeeping boots.

Luka Dončić and his Jordan shoe line

Luka Dončić is the first European player to become one of the main faces of Jordan brand, also creating his own line of...