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Ambitious Venture: A Leap into Sneaker Excellence

The Venture collection by Ambitious is a perfect balance between comfort, style and sustainability, let's discover it together.

Ambitious Venture Collection
Photo credit: Ambitious instagram

Today we want to talk to you about Ambitious, a footwear brand with a vibrant and modern aesthetic that has joined forces with JV International to create a collection of sneakers, in which the Michelin sole has been developed by combining high-end materials with a simple tread design: the Ambitious Venture Collection.

But before we dive into the details, let’s turn our gaze to the Ambitious brand.

Ambitious: a perfect mix of tradition and innovation

Founded in 2008, Ambitious stands out as a footwear and lifestyle brand  that goes above and beyond expectations. It was born from a family that has made quality, tradition and manufacturing excellence its fundamental pillars. The company adopts a progressive spirit, fueled by technological innovation and mastery in production processes, guaranteeing internationally recognized products.

As part of an industrial group with 30 years of experience in the footwear industry, Ambitious has production facilities located in the city of Guimarães, Portugal. This competitive advantage provides greater flexibility in developing and testing new designs, ensuring the highest quality in every pair of shoes.

Over the years, this brand has become recognized for its unique characteristics. A perfect combination of tradition and innovation that has resulted in successful models known worldwide for their design and quality.

With this context in mind, we prepare to explore Ambitious’ VENTURE model. We will discover the distinctive features and exceptional engineering that make this model an icon of comfort, performance and style. Are you ready to dive into the fascinating world of Ambitious footwear? Get ready to discover the Venture Collection and all it has to offer.

Ambitious Venture Collection

To present this model, we asked Ambitious’ product designer, Iolanda, to tell us more about this project. As she says, the presentation of the Venture Collection marks a significant moment for the brand:

The VENTURE model represents an important milestone for the team, embodying the perfect combination of innovation, functionality and fashion.”

Ambitious Venture Collection
VENTURE Michelin Runner
Photo credit: Ambitious website

Imagine wearing a shoe that not only hugs your foot, but also your lifestyle. That’s exactly what the VENTURE model does. But it is not only the result of the work of Ambitious, but also of the collaboration with JVI-solesbyMichelin, experts in the field of soles.

Months of research and technical testing have led to the creation of a shoe that defies all standards in terms of comfort, performance and style. The  high-performance Michelin outsole offers grip, traction and flexibility, integrated into a bold and distinctive design that combines high-quality materials such as nubuck leather and suede fabrics in a symphony of summery and vibrant colors.

Michelin soles have been chosen to offer not only high grip and stability on any surface, but also exceptional comfort, which is essential for leisure sneakers. The compound of the “traction” family used guarantees both advanced technical performance and unparalleled comfort, thus satisfying both the stability and aesthetic needs of consumers.

Ambitious Venture: A Leap into Sneaker Excellence
VENTURE Michelin Runner
Photo credit: Ambitious website

What’s more, they’ve been designed to blend in perfectly with the sneaker design, becoming a recognizable feature of the collection.

The sturdiness of the heel offers optimal protection, while the natural rubber compound chosen by JV International guarantees you stability on any terrain. And you know what? The comfort of this sneaker is beyond all expectations, thanks to the use of sugar cane in the midsole, a natural touch that makes every step a real pleasure. 

So, yes, this isn’t just a shoe.

It’s a statement of individuality, it’s a perfect everyday choice for men with character.

emphasizes Yolanda.

With the VENTURE Collection, Ambitious confirms itself as a pioneer in footwear innovation, inviting adventurers to take a leap into a world where comfort, functionality and style come together impeccably.

But what makes their products truly unique?

It is the fusion of contemporary aesthetics and the centuries-old art of craftsmanship. This is the passion that drives Ambitious, combined with several years of experience in the footwear industry, which is reflected in every pair we create.

Ambitious Venture: A Leap into Sneaker Excellence
Photo credit: Ambitious website

Their products are  100% made in Portugal, by the expert hands of master shoemakers who have dedicated their lives to this art form. But they are much more than that: they are part of the Ambitious family and are the cornerstone of the brand. They work exclusively with the best certified suppliers from Portugal and Italy, curating a selection of responsible materials for their premium footwear.

The distinctive features of the products lie in their semi-industrial construction with a strong artisanal component. They use recycled, recyclable, breathable, and antibacterial materials to ensure comfort and sustainability. The leather trim and uniquely designed soles ensure maximum comfort throughout the day.

Ambitious’ sustainability

What makes Ambitious so special is its commitment to more eco-friendly manufacturing. Every shoe that comes out of their facilities in Portugal is the result of a dedication to sustainability. From carefully selected materials to local production, every aspect of the process is designed to minimize environmental impact.

Ambitious Venture: A Leap into Sneaker Excellence
AMBER Perforated Suede Slip-On | Made of sustainable materials
Photo credit: Ambitious website

But it’s not just the environment that benefits from Ambitious’ commitment. The safety and well-being of their workers is at the heart of everything they do. For the brand, employees are part of the family, and this is reflected in the working conditions that are offered.

In every pair of Ambitious shoes, there is a story of tradition, innovation and passion that manifests itself in every detail. That’s why they are committed to always going further, pushing the limits and creating footwear that stands out for its beauty, comfort and durability.

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