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Xero Shoes: onto the barefoot way

Xero Shoes

Founded in 2009 and headquartered in Broomfield, Colorado, Xero Shoes has evolved into the top barefoot-style shoe brand in the U.S., with customers in over 97 countries. Xero Shoes offers styles in over a dozen footwear categories, including over 30 styles of casual and performance boots, shoes, and sandals so customers can enjoy life-changing comfort and performance wherever they go.

So what’s the story behind Xero Shoes? It all starts with Steven Sashen, who tried barefoot running to cure his injuries and from the benefits he found his life changed, he wanted to be barefoot all the time.

Of course, being barefoot is not possible in all situations, which is why he created the first pair of sandals.

Every Xero Shoes shoe has as a key feature:

the sensation of being barefoot, so much so that the wearer might forget about it. Careful research in the design phase led to the development of a flat shoe from toe to bottom with a thin sole that makes the shoe extremely light and flexible, perfectly adapted to the natural movement of the foot during walking or running.

A further focus in the design phase is sustainability, as it is very difficult to produce footwear using sustainable materials and processes. However, Xero Shoes is committed to minimalist footwear and consequently uses less energy during production thanks to a faster process. In addition, in collaboration with Michelin and JV International it has introduced an outsole that can withstand up to 5,000 miles and therefore lasts longer.

Fiberlite, that is what excited Xero Shoes to team up with Michelin and JV International, the technology chosen for the design of some of these footwear including hiking boots. As a result, these boots are extremely high-performance, flexible and incredibly lightweight, as well as the maximum grip essential when running and hiking over unstable terrain.

Feet are meant to bend, flex, move, and feel. Xero Shoes lets them do that with the collection of radically lightweight footwear designed with a foot-first philosophy.

Xero Shoescomfort, durability, and styling take everyone wherever want to go. From mountain trails to urban jungles, Xero Shoes help everybody… Live Life Feet First™.

Xero Shoes: onto the barefoot way

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