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Astrid Vinatzer: from skiing to cooking, choose equipment carefully

Different disciplines, many similarities. Interview with Astrid Vinatzer

Passions and work often share the same ideals, similar challenges and attitude. This is the case of Astrid, a passionate and former ski athlete as well as an extraordinary chef.

Astrid Vinatzer: from skiing to cooking, choose equipment carefully
Astrid in the kitchen

Her story shows how two apparently very different activities, skiing and cooking, actually have many affinities.

From an early age, Astrid Vinatzer performed competitively in skiing and is now an accomplished chef. The attitude she has learnt to have through sport has proved to be fundamental in achieving important goals in her work as well.

Sacrifice, mental and physical effort are only some of the aspects that the two disciplines have in common. One learns that one must go on despite defeats and that with hard work one always improves and learns to distinguish oneself from others, just like in the kitchen.

Today, Astrid cooks every day for clients and companies, and therefore has to keep in constant training and renew herself in order to present herself in an always stimulating way in an extremely competitive market such as the restaurant business. 

Astrid Vinatzer as a skiing child
Astrid as a skiing child

But this is also possible thanks to the selection of tools, the most suitable accessories, the fundamental support to be able to cope with the long working days. Posture, in both disciplines, makes the difference.

Having the right footwear makes it possible to be extremely efficient both in skiing and in the kitchen, where surfaces and space put a strain on the endurance of those who spend a lot of time there. Often the floor of a kitchen is slippery or wet due to oil and other substances that could fall, and protection is essential to be able to work at your best.  

Cooking at home is very different from cooking for a large number of people, it is challenging, tiring and requires excellent performance to maintain a high reputation, all of which is helped by the choice of appropriate clothing: from a fireproof jacket to the most comfortable shoes to avoid unpleasant accidents and muscle aches.

Astrid Tips

My tip for all chefs is not to underestimate the correct clothing, which must be cool but also comfortable and where everyone must feel at one with what they are wearing, from the jacket down to the shoes.

Astrid Vinatzer: from skiing to cooking, choose equipment carefully

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