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Dione Alex Veroneze (Bateria): a star of futsal

Dione Alex Veroneze (better known as Bateria) is a professional Brazilian futsal player. Discover this extraordinary story.


Dione Alex Veroneze (better known as “Bateria“) is a professional Brazilian futsal player.

Veroneze started his futsal career in the youth leagues of his home state, Paraná, and quickly caught the attention of professional teams with his technical ability and stylish and fluid playing style.

After playing for some of the most prestigious teams in his country, such as Corinthians and Joinville, Bateria decided to seek new challenges and moved to Europe.

In Europe, the Brazilian star continued to shine and make a name for himself with his on-field ability and leadership. He played for prestigious teams such as Benfica and Sporting CP in Portugal, and also spent some time in Spain with the FC Barcelona team.

With every team he has represented, Veroneze has left his mark and proven to be one of the best futsal players in the world. In addition to his successful playing career, Bateria is also known for his off-field commitment.

The Bateria commitment for young people

“Bateria” is a strong advocate for futsal player rights and has actively worked to improve conditions for players around the world. He is also an ambassador of the sport and a role model for young players who dream of following in his footsteps.

What soles and shoes for futsal?

To maintain the performance standards his sport requires, futsal shoes and soles are very important, as they represent an extension of his body on the field and the main tool for interacting with the ball and executing his acrobatic moves and brilliant plays. Futsal shoes have a softer sole than soccer shoes, which makes them better suited for play on the hard surfaces of indoor courts.

The softer sole allows Bateria to execute quick changes of direction and to accelerate and stop suddenly, which is essential for success in a game that requires speed and agility. Furthermore, futsal shoes also have a narrower and more snug upper part, which allows the champion to have greater control over the ball and perform more precise moves.


This is crucial for a player like Dione, who relies on his technical ability to score goals and create opportunities for his teammates.

Thus, shoes play a crucial role in the game of futsal, allowing players to best express their abilities with the class and elegance that typifies this sport.

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