Home Essentials Discovering padel: a fun and unique racket sport

Discovering padel: a fun and unique racket sport

The padel trend: origins, rules, proper shoes

Discovering padel: a fun and unique racket sport

Have you ever heard of padel? It’s a very fun racket sport, similar to tennis, but with some important differences. The court is smaller than a tennis court and has high walls on three sides, and the padel racket has an oval shape and is somewhat smaller.

The origins of padel

Discovering padel: a fun and unique racket sport

An interesting fact about padel is that it was invented in Mexico in the late 1960s, when golf magnate Enrique Corcuera was trying to find a way to make the game of tennis more accessible to his resort guests. Corcuera created a playing field surrounded by high walls and modified tennis rackets to suit the new game. The name “padel” comes from the Spanish term “padel” meaning “shovel” or “racket“, which in turn comes from the French term “palette“, used for squash rackets.

The proper shoes for padel

they play padel

In a padel match you play in pairs and the important rule is that the ball must bounce once on the opposing court before the opposing pair can return it.

It is a sport that is becoming increasingly popular in all countries of the world and is suitable for all ages and skill levels, it can be enjoyed both indoors and outdoors.

As with all sports, there are specific padel shoes suitable for practicing the sport in a practical and safe way. It is very important to choose them correctly, among the various types available, to best meet your needs. Shoes should have specific characteristics such as stability, cushioning, breathability and light weight. To facilitate these benefits, padel shoes incorporate soles with specific compunds and technologies. To enable high cushioning and low knee strain, gel is used in the soles. Special patterns are also made in the part of the sole in direct contact with the ground, which facilitate quick sprints and changes of direction.

Discovering padel: a fun and unique racket sport

Taking these features into consideration, be sure to try out different padel shoe options to find the ones that best suit your personal needs and preferences.

So what are you waiting for? Grab a racket, find a court near you, and start playing!

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