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Story of Susanna Belli – Italian Spartan Race champion (female, 18-24)

The athlete who inspires with her passion, determination and winning mentality. The Italian Spartan Race 18-24 champion.

The Spartan Race is an extreme obstacle race that tests the strength, endurance and determination of participants. In this competitive and demanding environment, there is a champion who stands out for her exceptional performance and winning attitude: we are talking about Susanna Belli.

“Hi, I am Susy, 24 years old, and in my free time I am a hybrid athlete. I do Spartan Race, Hyrox and OCR agonistically since 3 years. Qualifying 3rd, in my category (female, 18-24), at the Spartan World Championship 2022, in the desert near Abu Dhabi, has been my greatest accomplishment till now.”

Susanna Belli, from Piacenza (who lives and works in Berlin) started her career in the Spartan Race as a challenge to test herself, but has already managed to win numerous titles and awards. Her rigorous physical preparation, combined with her ability to overcome obstacles, has made her one of the most respected and feared athletes in the circuit.

Susanna Belli during the Magut Race 2021. Spartan Race
Susanna Belli during the Magut Race 2021

But what truly makes Susanna special is her passion for the race and her team spirit. Despite the pressures and challenges she faces every time she participates in a race, she always maintains a positive and encouraging attitude towards her opponents. Her winning mentality and ability to inspire others are her true strength.

We asked Susanna a few questions:

What does the Spartan Race take inspiration from?

“The obstacles are inspired by the military training, and the races are often held in challenging outdoor environments. Participants can choose from various race distances and difficulty levels: Sprint (5km and 20 obstacles), Super (10km and 25 obstacles) and Beast (20km and 30 obstacles). You can compete in open (no ranking), age group and elite”.

When did you get into it?

I got into the Spartan Race world when I was in university. A classmate and friend of mine was doing these competitions and I always thought “how cool”, but at the time I was going to the gym two or three times a week without a goal in mind. One day I decided to try a workout just “for fun” and then a non-competitive open race, and it was love at first sight. So I looked for a coach and started training seriously to compete in age groups, and after several races around Europe, some satisfaction started to come. In the mind time, I become a Spartan Race Ambassador.’

In addition to being a Spartan Race champion, Susanna is also an example of how hard work and dedication can lead to success. Her story shows that with enough effort and determination, it is possible to achieve any goal.

Addictionally, she is a true inspiration for anyone who wants to participate in the Spartan Race or is looking for a role model in their daily life. Her passion, will power, and winning mentality are an example to us all of how it is possible to achieve great things with the necessary endeavor and dedication.

Susanna belli firsth place at Spartan Kulmbach 2022. Spartan Race.
Susanna belli firsth place at Spartan Kulmbach 2022

But how important are the right soles in this sport? The right soles can make the difference between an exceptional performance and a disaster, the obstacles and varying terrain require specific treatment.

Susanna, like many other high-level athletes, carefully chooses her shoes and understands their importance to her performance. Choosing the right shoes can affect speed, agility, and stability, essential elements for the success of an obstacle race like the Spartan Race.

Road to Gothenburg (OCR Though Viking)

Gothenburg’s first and largest obstacle race, Tough Viking Slottsskogen, will be held on April 22, 2023. An impressive 8-kilometer race that Susanna Belli will look forward to participating in.

My first race of the season is going to be the OCR Though Viking in Gothenburg, Sweden, in April: 8km trail run and 25 obstacles (rope climbing, sandbags, multi rig, swimming). I can’t wait to be back in the game and this year I`ll have a big supporter helping my performance: the shoes with soles by Michelin!

“Over the next few days, I will be taking you into the world of Spartan and, first and foremost, discovering OCR. Exclusively for you on Shoestechnologies, I’ll tell you what this race is all about, how to approach an OCR challenge, how to train (outdoor and indoor), what shoes to choose based on terrain, trails and obstacles. I look forward to the next extraordinary content!
#roadtogothenburg with me and JVI-solesbyMichelin, follow my pre-race training also on my Instagram account @susybelli and @shoestechnologies“.

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