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Delivery drivers shoes and life on city streets

A look at the lives and best shoes of delivery drivers

Delivery drivers shoes and life on city streets

Every day the streets of our cities come alive with vehicles and people. Between commuters and students there are also various professional figures who constantly move between avenues and neighborhoods, think of postmen, movers, truck drivers… But above all to couriers.

After the last articles written to talk about beekeepers’ shoes and farmers’ shoes, today we return to an urban context to talk about fast delivery professionals: delivery drivers.

Best shoes for delivery drivers

As with many other sectors, there are also different differentiations for the delivery drivers category. The job is one, but with many facets. First of all, we can think about the context in which they work, whether a small city village, a metropolis or even several towns. We can think of the different means of transport they use: there are those who prefer the car, perhaps for longer journeys, to those who have chosen a bicycle, greener and more agile in the traffic of the most chaotic cities.

best shoes for delivery drivers | shoestechnologies
Courier with checklist delivering goods to a young woman by cargo van vehicle, mover with cardboard parcels on the background

The categorization that, however, makes the most sense to us, is the one based on the goods and products to be delivered. Let’s also think about the different types of brands that come into play on the different delivery methods.

Industrial delivery drivers

We’re talking about UPS, TNT or FedEx. Transport companies that also work over large distances, allowing the handling of heavy goods mainly related to the industrial sector. For this type of work, it is necessary to choose shoes that are very sturdy, comfortable and resistant. A safety shoe will tend to be chosen for this type of work.

An example is UPS, a famous international delivery brand, which asks its employees for a dress code, both for clothing and footwear. The company imposes the use of brown clothes, in reference to its logo, and black or brown work boots.

Express delivery drivers

We come to the most well-known brands, such as Amazon, which deals with deliveries over large territories but with any type of goods, mainly B2C. For these couriers, deliveries follow one after the other throughout working hours, which is why you can opt for a resistant hiking boot, which also has ankle support and a steel toe to avoid the danger of crushing.

Food Delivery drivers

On the other hand, a delivery driver of quick services such as food delivery for Uber Eats, will favor a shoe that provides agility and traction, supporting speed of movement and movement. Very often these couriers move using a bicycle, so the best shoe is certainly a sporty, light shoe, and with a soft toe that adapts well to the pedals of the vehicle.

best shoes for delivery drivers | shoestechnologies

Shoes not suitable for delivery drivers work

As we have seen, there are companies that impose a dress code, so employees have a set of shoes that cannot be worn during working hours. Others, on the other hand, are not suitable according to the legal provisions or not recommended for driving.

  • Stiletto heels
    Elegant but totally unsuitable for unloading, loading and delivering goods;
  • Slippers, Flip-flops and Sandals
    The highway code does not explicitly prohibit them, but they are not optimal or even professional for a job. Not to mention that any falling packages could cause damage to the foot. It is better to opt for other footwear;
  • Running Shoes
    That as comfortable as they may be, they are still shoes that do not protect the foot from any impacts.

Key features of the perfect shoes for delivery drivers

We have just seen how different contexts need different footwear that best suits the work required. Even for this category, there is no single answer to the question “What are the best shoes for a courier?“. You always have to take into account countless variables and the context in which you are going to work. Nevertheless, we have identified some key characteristics that must always be taken into account when choosing footwear for this type of work:

  • High Quality Fabrics
    we are talking about a sports shoe or a more robust one, the important thing is that you do not put on a poor quality product which, yes, will save considerably, but will affect the comfort and health of the wearer. It is important to choose breathable fabrics that allow the foot and the shoe itself to breathe;
  • Traction
    Whether we’re talking about pedals or any other surface, it’s important for a courier to choose a non-slip sole. Especially if the work environment involves adverse weather conditions, with different periods of rain, snow and ice. Ruinous falls, even on simple asphalt, slow down the working day – already scheduled on multiple and frenetic deliveries – and risk ruining it due to pain;
  • Cushioning
    This is also very important for the health of your back and legs. Always check the footbed before purchasing because cushioning is a fundamental support to the arch of the feet, to prevent flat foot syndrome and shock absorption. If cushioning is not enough, memory foam insoles can also be used. Your knees will thank you;
  • Waterproof
    A courier must also work during rainy days, so it is essential that the shoes are water-resistant. Allowing rain to filter inside the footwear can compromise the working day and the person’s health. So pay attention to this detail, which can save you from a bad flu or cold!
best shoes for delivery drivers | shoestechnologies

What are the best shoes for delivery drivers?

Although we have previously mentioned that there is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, we have selected seven models for you that pack the above features at a reasonable price.

Always talking about the quality of the products chosen, we are convinced that it is worth spending a little more to invest in quality footwear, which also lasts longer, instead of going to save money and then pay the price in health and discomfort.

So here are our proposals for professionals who are always on the move. With a focus on knee, back and foot health. But without forgetting a touch of style, so that everyone can express their personality.

Diadora Shark Stable Impact Low

Delivery drivers shoes and life on city streets
Diadora Shark Stable Impact Low
Photo credit: utility diadora website

These are safety and water resistant shoes with a removable and breathable micro perforated footbed and activated carbon. Features that make it an effective and safe solution to provide the worker with protection and comfort.

Also equipped with a shock absorbing midsole, the Diadora Shark Stable Impact Low shoe absorbs shocks while walking and protects the foot. In addition, the non-slip sole provides maximum grip on the ground, speeding up the stride and reducing the risk of slips and falls.

Irish Setter Ashby 6″ Work Boot

Let us now focus on a much more durable footwear. The Irish Setter Ashby 6″ Work Boot is a work boot with great ankle and foot support thanks to a comfortable cushioned insole and a heat-resistant sole. However, it is not a personal protective equipment (PPE) as it is not equipped with resistant protections like other similar models.

Perfect for deliveries on uneven and rough terrain, it has a high-traction tread that will reduce the risk of falls and slips. The full-grain leather upper allows excellent elasticity to the shoe that will adapt well to the foot, reducing the onset of blisters.

Comfortable and durable, this boot is perfect for supporting your back and knees when delivering heavy packages. But, since it is not equipped with specific protections, it is not recommended if dangerous goods have to be handled.

best shoes for delivery drivers | shoestechnologies
Irish Setter Ashby 6″
Photo credit: irishsetterboots website

Lewer Berlino S3 SRC

Delivery drivers shoes and life on city streets
Lewer Berlino S3 SRC
Photo credit: Worksecure website

An excellent example of Made in Italy footwear, the Lewer Berlino S3 SRC is a safety shoe designed specifically for the winter season, with S3 level protection. This means that it is equipped with an aluminum toe cap, non-metallic anti-puncture sheet and water-repellent upper.

It keeps the foot dry and warm and is perfect for deliveries in the most adverse weather conditions. Not only that, but as a technical shoe, it is particularly suitable for those with postural and orthopedic problems.

Skechers Flex Advantage Bendon Work Shoe

More than a sneaker: a sports shoe designed for work, with all the advantages that this entails. Stability, lightness and flexibility are just some of the features of the Skechers Flex Advantage Bendon Work Shoe.

It is the ideal shoe for small deliveries in a short time thanks to the mesh upper, which allows the shoe and foot to breathe, and the memory foam sole that gives comfort and support to the entire arch of the foot. In addition, the sole is equipped with anti-slip technology to keep the professional safe during his fast movements on all types of surfaces. Unfortunately, however, they are not ideal for driving heavy vehicles or handling bulky goods.

best shoes for delivery drivers | shoestechnologies
Skechers Flex Advantage – Bendon SR
Photo credit: skechers website

Timberland Direct Attach 6″ Steel Toe Waterproof Work Boot

best shoes for delivery drivers | shoestechnologies
Timberland Direct Attach 6″ Steel Toe Waterproof
Photo credit: Amazon

Perhaps the most specific shoe on this list: they are in fact designed for handling heavy goods in low-temperature contexts. A very particular choice but necessary for all professionals in areas of the world where the climate is not mild.

Timberland Direct Attach 6″ Steel Toe Waterproof Work Boot is a work boot with a waterproof upper and a steel toe. It keeps the foot dry and protected from any bumps or falls of heavy materials. In addition, it is equipped with a high collar to support the ankle and protection against electrical hazards.

Timberland Pro A1S5M Drivetrain Work Boot

Like the previous model of this brand, Timberland Pro A1S5M Drivetrain Work Boot is a work boot equipped with several measures for the protection of the foot. From the composite safety tip to the lack of metals. All these features make it a PPE.

Not dissimilar to the brand’s other boots, however, they are somewhere in between both in terms of style, more like sneakers than boots, and for the improved features of both types of footwear. Compared to a normal boot, in fact, these shoes are lighter and more comfortable, so that they are perfect for deliveries in any condition and at any time of the year. They also feature all-weather soles and antimicrobial control that greatly reduces the creation of unpleasant odors in the shoe.

best shoes for delivery drivers | shoestechnologies
Timberland Pro A1S5M Drivetrain
Photo credit: Timberland website

U-Power Red Leve Mike

Delivery drivers shoes and life on city streets
U-Power Red Leve Mike
Photo credit: U-Power website

Lightweight and breathable, these safety shoes offer unparalleled comfort that allows you to walk for long periods without tiring. In fact, the shoe is constructed with new materials that greatly reduce its weight. Among other features, the U-Power Red Leve Mike has an anti-slip, anti-static, anti-oil and anti-abrasion sole.

Suitable for both men’s and women’s feet, the S1P SRC ESD protection class includes a protective toe cap and anti-puncture textile insole. In addition, this shoe ensures optimal breathability thanks to the nylon upper. And it supports the professional thanks to the anatomical antibacterial insole.

In short, different alternatives for as many contexts and tastes.
Have you ever noticed the shoes of the courier who brought you your latest Amazon purchase or lunch at the office? Next time, take a look at it and try to guess what other types of deliveries it makes thanks to its choice of shoes!

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