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Mattia Prignacchi on an adventure with Garmont Chrono GTX

Mattia Prignacchi told us about his unforgettable journey through Petra with Garmont Chrono GTX shoes.

Mattia Prignacchi on an adventure with Garmont Chrono GTX

In the world of adventure, every step is a story to be told, an experience to be lived to the full. And if there is anyone who embodies this explorer spirit, it is certainly Mattia Prignacchi, a hardened traveller who on his latest trip trod the streets of Petra in his trusty Garmont Chrono GTX shoes.

Garmont Chrono GTX | shoestechnologies

From Amman, the pulsating capital of Jordan, to the majestic rocks of Petra, to the endless dunes of the desert, Prignacchi faced each challenge with determination, having a reliable companion at his feet.

They are more than just boots: they are a versatile companion for every occasion. Made of soft, oiled nubuck, this mid model offers comfort and durability, adapting perfectly to both light hikes in the mountains and walks in busy urban centres.

But what really makes the Chrono GTX unique are its cutting-edge technical features. The metal loops and laser work on the upper add a modern and distinctive touch, while the waterproof GORE-TEX® Bluesign® Extended Comfort Flux membrane protects against the vagaries of the weather, allowing you to tackle even the most adverse conditions with confidence.

But that’s not all: the Michelin® Offroad sole, enriched with Hybrid technology, is a perfect combination of sustainability and performance. Thanks to the recovery of production waste and the use of natural cork fibres, this sole guarantees impeccable grip on any terrain, without neglecting comfort and safety.

Garmont Chrono GTX | shoestechnologies
Garmont Chrono GTX | MIchelin Sole
Photo credit: Decathlon website

The Ortholite® footbed, with its Hybrid Plus Recycled technology, combines recycled materials with high cushioning power, ensuring prolonged comfort during long days of adventure.

We asked Mattia Prignacchi how his experience in Petra was wearing the Garmont Chrono GTX.

How was the overall experience of having the Garmont Chrono GTXs on your feet for the visit to the Petra ruins, considering the technical and design features of the product?

Garmont Chrono GTX | shoestechnologies

The experience in Petra in general was very positive, at times surprising for the type of shoe used. The design and technical characteristics were perfectly suited to the type of terrain, which had wide stretched of hard rock alternating with predominantly sandy areas. The Garmont shoes offered a constant grip, good rigidity and great comfort which allowed me to tackle Petra’s characteristic trails with speed and fun.

During your experience in Petra, how did the specific features of the shoes, such as the waterproof GORE-TEX membrane and Michelin Offroad sole, affect your perception of comfort and performance while exploring?

The waterproof GORE-TEX membrane, even without wet conditions, provided excellent transpiration, thus preventing unpleasant foot problems; the Michelin Offroad sole was truly exceptional, it always guaranteed an excellent grip that allowed me to tackle the treacherous steps of Petra in total safety and stability.

Can you share any significant moments or challenges you faced during your visit to Petra, and how the features of the Garmont Chrono GTX shoes helped you overcome them or face them with greater ease?

The trip to Jordan was really a fantastic experience and the Garmont Chrono GTX shoes proved to be extremely good under all circumstances, not just in Petra. It was amazing to be able to walk comfortably in the chaotic streets of Amman and at the same time canyonig in the Wadi Mujib, as well as climb the desert dunes or cross the beaches of the Dead Sea using the same shoe. This allowed me to fully enjoy the whole holiday, but above all to always have a comfortable shoe that I never thought would adapt to the terrain and weather conditions.

Garmont Chrono GTX | shoestechnologies
Garmont Chrono GTX

The use was therefore intense and I was pleased to note that the shoe did not get ruined or have any fit problems, something that often happens when using new boots in contexts other than pure trekking.

Innovation, sustainability and high performance: with the Chrono GTX®, Garmont has redefined the standards of winter hiking boots, winning the attention of outdoor enthusiasts and proving that it is possible to explore the world while reducing environmental impact.

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