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Miguel Pomares (Ecoalf): how to make the difference in fashion universe

An interview with Miguel Pomares (Ecoalf)

Miguel Pomares (Ecoalf): how to make the difference in fashion universe

Ecoalf was born in 2009 with the vision to stop using natural resources in a careless way to ensure those of the next generation, to accomplish this, their mission is to create a new generation of recycled products with the same quality and design as the best non-recycled.

The main aim of this company is to protect natural resources and to produce recycled items that are cool, stylish and perform well. According to Miguel Pomares Head of Footwear and Accessories Division, in fact, it is the only way to really change things, it is certainly more time-consuming and not only that, but it is the unique choice to be able to make a brand grow more and more in the way of sustainability.

At the end of the day, consumers want design, fashion and performance when they go to buy, so it is essential that even though we use recycled materials and have some of the lowest carbon footprints they do not compromise on any of those. That is the only way that we can make a change. It takes more time and means analyzing every detail, but for us, there is no other option.

An example of Ecoalf sustainable production

In addition to sustainable production, however, Ecoalf since 2015 has started, through the Ecoalf Foundation’s Upcycling the Oceans project, to remove marine debris from the bottom of the oceans and give them a second life through recycling. And this is exactly what has happened with the footwear model developed in collaboration with Michelin, the John Loafer.

As Miguel Pomares (Ecoalf) told us: The collaboration and consumers really liked the model, so we wanted to make another model for the Fall-Winter season”, and that’s how the Abantos came about.

These shoes use 100% recycled polyester CORDURA® fabric made from recycled plastic bottles, one of the strongest fabrics on the market combined with a sustainable membrane with waterproof properties. In particular, the sole technology, developed by JV International, is hybrid type 1, in which the compound is made by reusing leftovers from the molding process to produce the sole itself. The soles make them perfect for everyday use, adapting to any environment, from the city to hiking trails, thanks to the grip, versatility and flexibility they offer.

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Ecoalf is just one example that shows how it is possible to create a brand with a very low environmental impact, where design and fashion are essential but the focus is always on our planet.

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