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Do you know the footwear pop star Taylor Swift wears on her Eras Tour?

The footwear pop star Taylor Swift wears on her Eras Tour and in her daily life, from Christian Louboutin creations to sought-after New Balance.

Do you know the footwear pop star Taylor Swift wears on her Eras Tour?

Taylor Swift is one of the most celebrated artists in the world, renowned for her contributions to pop music, her exceptional talent for composing, and her media influence.

Since her early days in the country music scene, she has been able to win the hearts of a wide audience thanks to her personal and engaging songs. Unforgettable tracks like “Love Story” and “You Belong with Me,” along with more recent hits like “Shake It Off” and “Blank Space,” are testament to her extraordinary artistic versatility and ability to reinvent herself over the years.

But before we dive into the iconic footwear worn on her Eras Tour, it’s important to explore some significant details about this remarkable concert.

Eras Tour

Taylor Swift has made her return to the stage with the long-awaited Eras Tour, bringing her unique music and style around the world.

The Eras Tour is much more than just a concert series – it’s an epic experience that celebrates Taylor Swift’s remarkable career in all its aspects. The American pop star took the world by storm with this tour, which saw Taylor perform over 150 shows on four different continents. The main goal of this tour is to pay homage to the various “eras” of her musical career, showing the evolution of her art over the years.

From songs from her debut album, 2006’s “Taylor Swift,” to more recent hits from 2022’s “Midnights,” Taylor’s repertoire during the Eras Tour has been an exciting journey through her artistic and personal growth. Each concert is structured in a way that gives fans a comprehensive view of her career, with ten sets dedicated to each of her ten albums. This approach allows fans to fully immerse themselves in Taylor Swift’s musical universe, reliving the most significant moments of her career through her songs.

But the Eras Tour isn’t just about music – it’s a breathtaking visual spectacle that combines lighting, sets, and choreography to create an unforgettable experience for audiences. Each concert has been curated down to the smallest detail to provide an immersive and exciting experience for fans of all ages. From  the gigantic stages to the spectacular choreography, every element of the show has been designed to capture the audience’s attention and imagination, transporting them to a world of magic and wonder.

In addition, Taylor Swift wanted to make each concert on the Eras Tour a unique and memorable experience for her fans. In addition to performances of her most famous hits, Taylor has reserved space for special surprises and intimate moments during each concert. Her spontaneous acoustic sets have become a highly anticipated moment, with Taylor improvising different songs at each concert, giving her fans moments of pure magic and authenticity.

Christian Louboutin x Taylor Swift

For the second tour in a row, Christian Louboutin is the name behind the sparkly footwear that accompanies Taylor Swift on her Eras Tour. After custom-creating all the shoes for the Reputation Tour, the brand continues to bring its touch of glamour and style to this new adventure.

Imagine Taylor Swift taking over the stage in shoes that look like works of art. Christian Louboutin has made her footwear a real sight to behold, with intricate detailing and crystals that sparkle like stars.

These footwear feature intricate embroidery and hand-applied crystal colorways  in a range of custom silhouettes and exist in a variety of heel shapes and heights.

taylor-swift-shoes-eras-tour | shoestechnologies
Taylor Swift outfitted in Christian Louboutin
Photo credit: Christian Louboutin website

From the classic Eleonor Botta boot to the diamond studded boot

Christian Louboutin’s classic Eleanor Bottas have been reimagined for Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour, embellishing them with glitter and a variety of vibrant colors, including pink, white, and purple.

These shoes strike a perfect balance between elegance and boldness, with shimmering, shiny uppers that catch everyone’s attention. The pointed toes add a touch of sophistication, while the 3.5 cm heels lend grit and style.

With their elegant curve on the top of the boot, the Eleonor Botta gave Taylor Swift a distinctive look, completing her outfits that were always surprising and never banal.

Cate Boot

During the “FEARLESS” era, Taylor Swift danced in Christian Louboutin’s Cate Boot. These knee-high boots feature a shorter silhouette than the Eleonor Botta, but are just as bright and sparkling thanks to their crystallized surface.

Their shorter silhouette makes them more versatile and suitable for a variety of outfits, while the crystals  that cover them make them a central element of the show.

Swift pairs Louboutin shoes with several bodysuits, also decorated with crystals and created by Cavalli and Versace, along with dresses by Oscar de la Renta.

CL Mog Lug

On stage, Taylor Swift demonstrated her versatility by not limiting herself to the classic vertiginous heels. During the “RED” era, for example, she opted for a more rebellious and casual look, wearing Christian  Louboutin’s CL Moc Lug. This iconic loafer features a durable rubber sole and a timeless design, perfect for fitting the vibrant, rebellious spirit of the album.

Accompanying the loafer, Taylor created an outfit that balances simplicity and style. A shimmery silver t-shirt and black shorts added a touch of light and glamour to her look, while a matching cap completed it with a touch of originality.

Custom crystal ankle boots

During the “1989” era, Taylor Swift put on a show of light and glamour by wearing a custom ankle boot with sparkling crystals. These boots feature a tapered silhouette with a round toe and short, loose heels, perfect for ensuring comfort without sacrificing style during energetic performances on stage. The ankle-length temples add a touch of elegance and momentum to Taylor’s figure as she dances and sings.

These custom boots stand out for their exclusive design and extraordinary brilliance. Louboutin’s signature shiny red soles add a touch of recognisability and class, while the all-over blue and green crystal coating  transforms them into true works of art. Each crystal has been carefully placed to create a shimmering effect that perfectly matches Taylor’s two-piece outfit, completing the look.

Taylor Swift’s sneakers

But Taylor Swift isn’t just limited to high heels and glitter! Like any person, she also loves to wear sneakers and comfortable footwear during her days. Yes, even the queen of pop has her casual and sporty side!

What makes Taylor’s sneakers so special is their transformative power. When she wears them, they instantly become a must-have, sweeping away shelves in no time. It’s as if her blessing turns any pair of shoes into gold, making them irresistible to her fans and fashion enthusiasts.

NB 550

The New Balance 550 has gained unprecedented notoriety due to its connection to Taylor Swift. These sneakers, initially conceived as a choice of casual and comfortable footwear, have become a fashion phenomenon thanks to their association with the pop star.

Taylor Swift is known for her approachable and relatable style, which is also reflected in her music. Much like her music, her fashion choices have been described as “approachable,” “harmless,” and “widely palatable.” This helped make the New Balance 550 the ideal choice for Taylor: they’re fashionable without being overly flashy, perfectly reflecting her understated yet elegant style.

taylor-swift-shoes-eras-tour | shoestechnologies
New Balance 550
Photo credit: Farfetch website

When Taylor was photographed wearing the red and white New Balance 550 in a Kansas City Chiefs-themed outfit while supporting her rumored new boyfriend Travis Kelce, she added a new level of popularity to these sneakers. Their simplicity and versatility make them a perfect choice for a casual look, but their association with Taylor has made them a real object of desire for fans and fashion enthusiasts alike.

If there’s one thing Taylor Swift’s New Balance 550 story demonstrates, it’s the pop star’s immense cultural reach. Her influence is not limited to music, but also extends to the world of fashion, where her choices immediately become an object of interest and desire for millions of people around the world.

NB x Ganni

The collaboration between New Balance, a beloved sneaker brand, and Ganni, a super feminine Nordic fashion brand, has caught the attention of many fashion enthusiasts.

These sneakers are a remix of New Balance’s classic 1906R silhouette, with a distinctive touch of Ganni branding on the tongue. They immediately became an object of desire for many, with a limited run selling out quickly and prices tripling on resale sites.

taylor-swift-shoes-eras-tour | shoestechnologies
New Balance 1906R GANNI 
Photo credit: Stockx website

For Taylor Swift, wearing the NB x Ganni represents a change in her wardrobe, highlighting her path to a full flex of menswear. Wearing them alongside a retro Shania Twain tour t-shirt, biker shorts, and a beanie, Taylor proves that fashion doesn’t have to be great to be fashionable. Her choice of garments reflects the current trend towards a lower, more discreet style that is accessible to everyone.

With the influence of Taylor Swift, it is likely that the next collaborations between New Balance and Ganni will follow the same trend, becoming an object of desire for both sneakerheads and fans of the pop star.

So what more can I say, from the dizzying heels with glitter and iconic colors to the sneakers that many have in their closet, Taylor Swift positions herself just like a recognized and inspirational style icon.

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