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The everlasting youngster of cross country: Martino Fruet

A devoted love of cycling and all its forms

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Martino Fruet, born in 1977, is one of the strongest international Cross Country racers, so much so that he won a World Cup stage in 2000.

But let’s start at the beginning to get to know Martino and his passion in depth.

In cycling, what is meant by Cross Country?

Martino during a Cross country nrace
Martino during a Cross Country race

Cross Country is one of the mountain bike disciplines, which is closer to classic cycling than the others.

It involves mountain bike competitions on mixed terrain in circuits where several laps are completed. 

We asked Martino a few questions:

When and how did your passion for this sport begin? And what would you tell young athletes who want to approach this sport? What is the secret to succeeding?

“My passion for mtb was born more than 30 years ago in conjunction with the birth of the mtb itself. It was the bicycle to reach places where, until before, one could only reach on foot, giving me new emotions. Then I started racing, and the results gave me my current motivation. 

My advice to a young person who wants to start with this sport would be to rely on a competent instructor and to find the fun on the saddle first. The secret to winning is precisely having fun, and being consistent.”

Martino during a race, cross country
Martino during a race

You have tried different disciplines, but which one gives you the most fulfilment? Which are the goals you have set for the coming future?

“Cross-country (xco xce xcm), enduro E-bike and cyclo-cross is what I am experienced in, but definitely xco is the queen of them all, very physical and equally technical, the all-around bike. At my age, goals are relative for sure, entertaining the fans gives me motivation to keep pushing.”

We know that in any sport, but especially in this one, the right equipment makes a big difference.

What are the features that a cycling shoe must have, and why?

How important is the sole and specifically how does Carbon Rubber technology provide you the support you require?

The ideal mtb shoe must be comfortable, fit well, stiff while pedaling and lightweight. Definitely the sole with carbon fiber core, which performs top while pedaling, combined with soft rubber, is ideal for mtb and cx as, occasionally, you have to walk.”

Martin with g:snx shoes , a winning of cross country
Martin with g:snx shoes

Martino chose Gaerne’s Carbon G.SNX, which uses JV International’s Carbon Rubber technology, as his footwear of choice.

Gaerne is an Italian company founded in 1962 by Ernesto Gazzola, one of the masters in sports footwear. An example of excellence that ships all over the world.

It is a company where no compromises are made, the quality is evident: careful choice of materials, skill and tradition of the craftsmen, innovation, design and original solutions, just like the one chosen by Martino.

But what are the features of this shoe? 

First of all, the upper is made of a single piece of microfibre with laser perforation to ensure excellent ventilation. The sole offers the right mix of performance, durability, support and lightness. The sole structure is made of carbon for optimum rigidity and pedalling power. The technology used to guarantee all these benefits to the sole is Carbon Rubber, a JV International technology. 

But in detail, the Carbon Rubber technology behind the construction of this sole, what does it consist of?

Let’s ask the expert Giustiano Peruzzo Head of Product Development.

“The first thing to point out is that Carbon Rubber technology was born precisely for the world of cycling, and in particular for MTB. It is designed above all for the athlete who pedals and at certain times puts his feet on the ground, just like in Cross Country.

In addition, the CARBON + RUBBER combo was developed precisely for those who seek the rigidity of carbon to transmit all the power possible in pedalling and, of course, lightness, and is combined with rubber that offers a high degree of control in contact with the ground.”

And so it is that in order to obtain certain benefits from a shoe, it must be designed and developed precisely with the activity in which it is called upon to support us in mind. But to really excel in an activity, just like Martino is true passion and constant dedication.

The everlasting youngster of cross country: Martino Fruet

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