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All weather shoes: the brands that transformed winter footwear for summer

From Ugg sandals to Emu fur slippers: Choose the right footwear and stay fashionable

All weather shoes: the brands that transformed winter footwear for summer
Photo credit: Ugg Instagram

The evolution of footwear has led to a growing interest in versatile footwear that can be worn in any season. This concept has been particularly emphasized by brands such as UGG, Mou and Emu Australia, which have been able to adapt their winter footwear to make them usable even in hot summers. Let’s find out how these brands revolutionized the concept of all-season shoes.

What is the difference between summer and winter shoes? The importance of materials

When you enter a shoe store, it can happen that you confuse summer models with winter ones. Current fashion offers materials and designs that can be used all year round, but there are still  fundamental differences between  winter  and summer footwear, especially in the materials used.

Shoes designed for winter: the characteristics they must have

Winter shoes are designed to offer warmth and protection during the colder months. They should be made of insulating materials such as sheepskin and wool, which keep your feet warm even in the most adverse conditions. These materials offer excellent thermal insulation and are often water-resistant, which is essential for dealing with snow and rain. In addition, the uppers of winter shoes tend to be taller and more padded.

all-weather-shoes | shoestechnologies
Waterproof Boot
Photo credit: Timberland®

The right shoes for summer: can boots be worn?

With the arrival of summer, needs change: lightness and breathability become essential. Summer shoes are usually made from lighter materials such as canvas, cotton, and perforated leather, which allow for more air circulation and help keep your feet cool.

all-weather-shoes | shoestechnologies
espadrilles in washed canvas
Photo credit: ralphlauren

The sole of summer shoes is generally thinner and more flexible than that of winter shoes, making it easier to ventilate and comfort during hot days. It is essential that summer shoes allow good air circulation and are easy to put on and take off, to quickly adapt to temperature changes and different summer activities.

Although it may seem strange, there are footwear designed for winter that can also be worn in summer: we are talking about boots. As long as they are made of lightweight and breathable materials, boots with canvas inserts or with a more open construction are perfect for cooler summer evenings.

In 2023, summer boots have become a real must-have, paired with lightweight garments such as tank tops, bralettes, hot pants, and mini skirts. This fashion proved that boots can be worn with bare legs and summer clothing. The spring-summer 2023 fashion shows have given a big boost to this trend. Designers such as Celine presented sturdy boots paired with short dresses, crochet tops and denim shorts, transforming a winter garment into a key element of the summer wardrobe.

Spring-summer 2024 has brought  back high boots. The designers have played with innovative materials, bright colors and unique details, proposing versions ranging from classic black to neon shades and denim, which is very fashionable this year. With the return of 2000s fashion, boots are paired with jeans tucked in, giving a nostalgic but still glamorous touch. Miniskirts and Bermuda shorts, also in a feminine version, complete a comfortable but stylish look, creating interesting contrasts and elongated silhouettes.

A simple and impressive combination is the one with a short skirt, which allows you to play with the hem of the shaft. Provocative boots such as leather or mid-thigh-high “stocking” over-the-knee boots go well with midi skirts, balancing sensuality and sophistication. Another style trick is to pair high boots with long, midi dresses, creating a unique look with tight models that almost look like leggings. This style, popular with celebrities, allows you to play with transparencies and slits, adding a touch of originality and fashion.

From snow to sunshine: Brands offering winter shoes in a summer version

As fashion has evolved, some brands known for their iconic  winter footwear have started to offer summer versions of their most beloved models. This trend not only allows you to enjoy the comfort and style typical of these brands throughout the year, but also offers versatile solutions for different seasons. Let’s see how Ugg, Mou and Emu Australia have adapted their winter footwear for the summer. 

Ugg: new sandals for summer

If you thought Ugg  was only synonymous with furry boots to wear during the winter, think again! The famous brand has launched a collection of summer sandals that not only maintain Ugg’s unmistakable comfort, but also add a touch of freshness and style to your summer looks.

The new offerings include styles such as the  “GoldenGlow” sandals, featured in  the brand’s Spring/Summer 2024 campaign, with NewJeans’ singer Hanni wearing them in style.

Available in a variety of colors, these sandals are a take on classic Ugg styles, combining the softness of faux fur with a lightweight, breathable construction.

all-weather-shoes | shoestechnologies
GoldenGlow sandals
Photo credit: Ugg

Their elastic and supportive construction makes them ideal for summer days, but they are also suitable for rainy days, especially when worn with a sock, following the trend of 2024, as you can read in our recent article in which we talk about the current fashion of wearing peep toe with terry socks up to the ankle or longer.

These sandals are perfect for those who want comfort and lightness during hot summer days.

Ugg’s summer line is not limited to just sandals, but also includes other options such as slippers and flip flops. Made with high-quality materials and a focus on craftsmanship, these footwear offer a balance of style and comfort, while maintaining Ugg’s commitment to providing footwear suitable for all seasons.

Mou embraces all seasons: footwear in summer version

In the heart of London, on the famous Portobello Road, in 2002 the fashion designer Shelley Tichborne gave life to Mou, an original footwear brand that quickly won the hearts of Londoners and beyond, becoming a true global icon.

When you say Mou, you mean youth fashion. In fact, Mou boots are definitely a big trend among the younger generation. Hard to believe but they are easy to match with any style, from skirt to jeans, from jumpsuit to comfy dress. The brand, known for its handcrafted, high-quality boots, has introduced a summer line that maintains the brand’s unique aesthetic. In addition, it is renowned for using  high-quality natural fibers, which give the wearer a cozy feel.

The production of Mou shoes is based on ethics and eco-compatibility, with particular attention to finishes and soles to ensure comfort and durability.

The Mou boots are the flagship of the brand, available in a variety of styles and materials, from velvet to sheepskin.

Among these, the iconic Eskimo Mou model, revisited in numerous variants and enriched with unique details, has achieved enormous success, becoming the subject of real limited editions.

But Mou doesn’t stop there: the brand also offers a summer collection that maintains the brand’s distinctive aesthetic.  Mou’s summer sandals and slip-ons combine the sturdiness and comfort of winter boots with lighter materials, thus offering a cool and fashionable option even during the warmer months of the year.

For example, the Bio two buckles and back strap model  gives you the feeling of walking on clouds. Handcrafted from genuine leather, with eskimo’s signature cotton crochet stitching, this garment features a durable and lightweight EVA sole, and is finished with a padded microsuede footbed for even more comfort.

all-weather-shoes | shoestechnologies
Bio two buckles and back strap
Photo credit: moufootwear

With his young and versatile style, Mou has earned a prominent place in the fashion landscape, becoming a popular choice among young people around the world. Its handcrafted and high-quality products are easy to combine with any look, from elegant to casual, making Mou a reference brand if you want to combine quality with practicality.

Shoes with fur even in summer: it’s the case with Emu Australia

EMU shoes  bring a mix of freedom, strength and sympathy directly from Australia, just like the cute bird that inspires them, the emu. Founded in 1994, Emu is committed to satisfying the desires of its customers by offering footwear that combines style and quality.

High-quality materials, such as  Australian wool and sheepskin, renowned for their excellence, keep their nature intact and reflect the brand’s commitment to environmental sustainability.

Emu boots, famous for their warm welcome in winter, extend to a summer line of sandals, characterized by a unique and functional design, far from passing fashions.

EMU slippers are much more than just summer footwear: made with Australian sheepskin, they offer exceptional comfort by regulating the temperature to ensure warm feet in winter and cool in summer, perfect all year round!

From fluffy slippers to wear from bed to the beach, such as the Ebor Mac, made from natural and sustainable materials, to hiking-inspired sandals such as the Raven slippers, lined with Australian sheepskin, each Emu model is designed to provide optimal comfort on every adventure.

all-weather-shoes | shoestechnologies
Ebor Mac
Photo credit: Emu Australia
all-weather-shoes | shoestechnologies
Photo credit: Emu Australia

And don’t worry if you think Emu slippers are not suitable for outdoor use: all sandals are equipped with an outdoor sole to ensure stability and adaptability to every outfit and occasion, from an aperitif in the city to a walk on the beach.

Summer 2024 trend: Ugg depopulates on social with new sandals

Ok, we’ve seen three brands that offer winter footwear but adapt to the market by offering summer footwear.

The UGG brand  is the real trend phenomenon, especially among young people. Its effective social presence and strong connection with consumers could be the keys to its success.

A few months after the launch of her summer sandals, you can already hear about them everywhere on social media, with content creators and tiktokers who do not stop exalting them.

This brand has been able to gain popularity and maintain it thanks to the loyalty of its customers and the quality of its products.

Of course, there is no shortage of dissonant voices: as always, there are those who doubt that these sandals can become the trend of the summer, even going so far as to compare them to “corrective shoes”.

However, it should be noted that UGG is not new to the summer landscape. Already in 2019, during that summer, the brand had experimented with a collection of sandals.

all-weather-shoes | shoestechnologies
Ugg sandals 2019
Photo credit: Yoox

Although they did not achieve resounding success, they were much loved by many stars. Gigi Hadid, for example, paired them with casual looks like biker shorts.

In short, UGG has always tried to reach as many consumers as possible. Will this year be the one in which your sandals will become the trend of the summer?

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