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Find out how you might dress for a night at the theatre. Tips and tricks for the perfect look for men and women!

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Are you  about to have your first experience at the Theatre and have doubts about how to dress? It is important to note that, although the excessive formality of the theatrical dress code has now gone a bit out of fashion, there are still variables to consider, especially in relation to the show you are about to attend.

For example, if you’re about to see a comedy with local comedians, you can opt for more casual attire. On the other hand, if you are preparing for a premiere or a gala evening, elegance is definitely recommended, but without exaggerating! We’ll let you in on a secret, opting for simplicity will allow you to be perfectly in tune with the environment and the mood of the occasion.

Let’s take a closer look at what you can wear to a night at the theatre.

Some tips for an all-female theater look

In common perception, an evening at the theater is often associated with an elegant dress, but this rule is not always binding. As already mentioned, the choice of clothing depends on the genre of the show you have chosen to see.

Theatre | shoestechnologies

Silence Limited midi black dress and black pumps
Photo credit: peccatidistili website

If you are about to attend  an important Opera, you can consider the option of an elegant evening dress. As a suggestion, you could opt for a black midi dress, paired  with classic black pumps, completing the look with a black patent leather handbag and gold jewelry for a touch of sophistication. With these choices, you’re done! In fact, choosing a simple dress allows you to play with accessories so as to make the look more personal and special. 

It is essential to keep in mind that you have the possibility to choose colors other than black, such as an elegant long dress in burgundy shades, combined with a faux fur or a silk scarf, completing everything with jewelry and designer heels. However, it is essential  to avoid excessive use of bright colors and instead prefer monochromatic shades, such as beige or gray.

But elegance does not only mean a long or midi dress, in fact you could also choose to wear a suit with more particular footwear that embellishes the outfit.

Theatre | shoestechnologies
On a recent occasion she wore a gray suit with gold buttons, accompanied by a black turtleneck and black pumps
with a multi-layered heart, embellished with glitter applied on the front.
Photo credit: Caterina Balivo instagram

And what about a less formal show at the theatre?

In this case, comfort is key, and you can even choose flat shoes, while maintaining a basic concept of elegance.

For example, flared jeans with mary janes. Featuring a low sole and a grippy upper, providing comfort without compromising style. Complete the look with a blouse, a scarf on the shoulders, a high ponytail and jewelry, you will undoubtedly look perfect for the occasion!

The trick, then, is to match stylish shoes and accessories to look your best. But let’s see some models that could complete the outfit you chose!

Theatre | shoestechnologies
Camila Leather
Photo credit: Flattered website

The right shoes at the Theatre

As we have seen, what is particularly important in developing clothing for an evening at the theater are accessories and footwear, elements that can give a final touch to one’s style. It is essential  to avoid the use of sneakers or tennis shoes, opting instead for refined footwear with a hint of glamour.

The ideal choice is shoes with a heel of medium height, avoiding excessively high heels. However, for those who prefer a lower model, in addition to the already mentioned “mary jane”, it is also possible to consider leather moccasins or ballet flats, which are now back in trend.

In case you are preparing for a theatrical evening in a cold season, it is advisable to select boots, which must not be absolutely platform or similar to combat boots, but must maintain an aura of elegance.

Theatre | shoestechnologies
Tex High Ankle Boots Black Leather
Photo credit: Jomercer website

For example, ankle boots with heels can be paired with a mid-length dress, perhaps in earthy tones typical of winter, so you will be understated but elegant. In case of rain, the choice of a knee-high boot is certainly appropriate, being an immortal garment in the fashion world.

Opt for black leather boots to add a touch of elegance to your outfit. A suggestion could be to wear high black leather boots combined with a long black trench coat, creating a remarkable impact when you enter the theater, an outfit worn by Reneé Rapp, a talented American actress and singer, as we can see from her instagram profile.

On the other hand, what should a man wear for an evening at the theatre?

Men often fall into the same trap that affects women, as described above. Despite the strong temptation to rent a tailcoat, it is always prudent to carefully assess the situation before committing to considerable expenses. Formal attire is generally recommended, but in many circumstances a shirt with trousers may suffice, unless you are attending a Premiere.

In the case of the latter situation, the optimal choice is represented by the classic tuxedo. In that case, it is advisable to opt for sober colors and tone-on-tone designs to create harmony between the garments. The jacket should be comfortable and the sleeves should reveal the cuff of the shirt. The trousers must fit without folding over the shoes, avoiding exposing the ankle or sock; Cigarette trousers are the ideal choice. To complete the look, you can add white or yellow gold cufflinks and a satin bow tie to give a special and elegant touch.

Theatre | shoestechnologies
Photo credit: Jeremy Beadle | Unsplash

If the show does not require a tuxedo, it is possible to opt for simpler clothing without sacrificing elegance. A shirt combined with neutral-colored trousers, avoiding black if desired, can be complemented by a long coat that takes on a predominant role.

For afternoon shows, you can allow yourself more freedom in the choice of outfit, while maintaining a level of sobriety.

However, it is important to avoid shorts, tank tops, and jeans.

Trend of the moment to choose for an evening at the Theatre

Aa highly elegant option  could be the adoption of a velvet tuxedo! Not only will it give you a refined and elegant look, but it will also be ahead of the curve with current fashion trends.

Theatre | shoestechnologies
Black velvet peak lapel tuxedo
Photo credit: Hockerty website

You can choose to wear a velvet tuxedo jacket juxtaposed with traditional wool tuxedo trousers, creating a casual touch in a classic setting. An example of this style was adopted by Justin Timberlake at the Academy Awards. For an even more striking impact, you can decide to adopt velvet from top to bottom, with a tuxedo jacket and matching trousers in this luxurious material.

It is advisable to choose a monochromatic color, an elegant dark blue could be the ideal choice.

By completing the look with a white tuxedo shirt, a black bow tie, and black leather footwear, you will get a flawless outfit.

Regardless of your choice, the key element is to keep accessories such as the bow tie and pocket square relatively simple. Let the velvet fabric be the undisputed protagonist of your look.

But what about shoes?

As in the case of women, footwear also plays a crucial role for men. The use of sneakers or excessively sporty footwear is absolutely to be avoided, and even more so, sandals or flip-flops. The ideal choice is to go for an elegant and shiny lace-up shoe, but we are aware of the discomfort of this model.

So, for those who prioritize comfort, they can wear less formal footwear, while maintaining a significant visual impact. A valid alternative could be a leather or suede ankle boot during the winter, or a lighter moccasin in the summer, avoiding canvas ones.

Theatre | shoestechnologies
FRAU | Suede moccasin Col. Sand
Photo credit: Riccishop website

It is essential to avoid excessively detailed footwear; even in the case of slippers, the choice should tend towards sobriety, without particular embroidery.

We can say that clothing for an evening at the theater is a form of personal expression that reflects respect for art and the surrounding environment, seeking a balance between elegance and adaptability to the type of show. Choose the one that makes you feel comfortable to fully enjoy the experience.

Before concluding, we want to leave you with one last piece of advice, as well as a secret, very important one:

At the Theatre , the colour purple is to be avoided at all costs. Not only in terms of clothes, but also for accessories, such as handbags, shoes, hats and any other detail that can be noticed. The color purple, in fact, in the theater, according to a popular belief, is a bad omen.

And you, were you aware of it?

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