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Top Office Trends for Everyday Life

Finding the perfect look to go to work every day can be difficult, so we've prepared some tips that can help you!

Top Office Trends for Everyday Life

Have you ever heard of “Business Casual“?

It is a new trend, a new style of clothing particularly suitable for those who work in the office, which skillfully combines comfort and elegance.

Dressing appropriately, however,  is the basis of any job, especially if in contact with clients or lenders. But it’s not always easy to find the perfect garment. So how do you choose the perfect footwear for your office outfit?

Are there any shoes that are perfect for the office?

Before we tackle the actual choice, let’s take a moment to analyze the context. In our articles we have talked about specific footwear for different jobs: from the characteristics necessary to be able to work on scaffolding or in areas adjacent to a stage for concerts or on construction sites, or to be able to withstand grueling work shifts in the corridors of a hospital.

Working in the office certainly involves less risk, but no less attention to choosing the correct shoe. In fact, if you don’t need to show up at your desk with personal protective equipment (DPI), this does not mean that there are no physical problems that could arise. After hours and hours spent at the desk, in fact, our body suffers: the back begins to feel the first pains, the feet tend to swell and the legs become heavy. But is it all a matter of posture or does it also have to do with what we wear?

What features to consider for office shoes

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Once the desired style is chosen, that leaves the shoes, and indeed, it is often from them that we start to create one or more outfits for the week. Other times, however, they are left for last, so that a single pair can be perfectly combined with different items of clothing and thus be more versatile. How to choose them in the best way?

We have thought of different solutions to offer you, both for men and women. But before seeing our proposals, we would like to focus on the features to keep in mind when choosing the perfect shoes. Because, as we have seen, style is not everything, especially if health is also involved.

Whether you are a man or a woman, some characteristics are essential. Before offering you different models, let’s take a look at the requirements to consider for any footwear:

  • Correct size
    A shoe that is too big or too small can cause gait and blood pressure problems. A shoe of the correct size allows the toes to move: pay attention to this detail when choosing them;

  • Comfort
    Blisters are the worst enemy of your feet, which is why, in addition to size, it is essential to consider comfort. We wear shoes all day long, so no one would ever wear anything that causes pain. To overcome this problem, there are also shoes with a padded insole, which cushion the weight of the body and absorb shocks – especially recommended for people who spend a lot of time on their feet;

  • Wide toe shoes
    As we have seen, a tight fit can cause circulation problems, so it is always better to have a wider space for the toes, such as wide fits; comfortable especially if you have to wear them for many hours;

  • Lightness and Breathability
    In addition to having to bear the weight of our body, the feet are also subject to sweat and outside temperatures. So, in order not to tire them further and avoid the onset of various pathologies, it is better to leave them free to breathe with shoes with a light and breathable upper.
office shoes | shoestechnologies
Office outfit
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In addition to these points, we should also take into account the aesthetic factor. That is, the color of the footwear. Working in the office, outfits and clothing  with neutral palettes are often preferred. Well, this choice of colors also exists for shoes. The main neutral colors are: black, white, brown, and dark blue. White shoes are difficult to match, so black and brown are often worn as a base for an understated and elegant outfit.

You can consider additional accessories to enhance your comfort. We are talking about insoles and arch supports, often designed by professionals, which provide extra support to our posture, giving us greater comfort both when walking and resting. Insoles are also very useful for lowering blood pressure, which causes many problems for those who work at a desk.

What shoes should not be worn to the office?

We have seen what to take into account when choosing shoes for your office work outfits. Would it be better not to choose? Let’s see the ‘Maybe Not

  • Everyday shoes
    They remain the favorite for the majority and are often chosen for comfort, but it  would be preferable not to show up at the office with shoes that could be broken or excessively dirty. If you have your most affectionate shoes have  had their day, perhaps you  should opt for something else, on the contrary, if you choose to take care of your shoes by keeping them as new, then you can continue to use them even at work.

  • Too eccentric shoes
    Outfits always reflect the personality of the wearer, but sometimes a workplace with a dress code, even implicit, requires a style that also reflects the sobriety of the company and it is not always possible. If you really can’t do without your favorite shoes, you can always play it down with a more sober outfit!

  •  Heels too high
    Wearing high heels or stilettos for many hours could lead to pain in your feet, back and shoulders. But you know, heels are very elegant and sometimes you are willing to suffer in order not to give them up! If you want to wear them, there are many possible alternatives, such as wide-based heels, a lower heel or, as we told in another of our articles, heels that don’t hurt  by Diego Dolcini. Are you curious?
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Well, now that we have also seen what would be better not to wear at work, let’s go and show you the different proposals we have come up with!

Men’s shoes for the office

Elegance and sobriety are the watchwords for this choice.

You might think that a man could very well put on a pair of sneakers, but it’s not that simple. They are certainly not shoes that adapt to every work context. So here are some other suggestions for going to the office:

  • Lace-up shoes
    Comfortable and elegant, they give a touch of class to even the most informal outfits. Casual chic and modern, they are the perfect versatile choice for different items of clothing: from meetings with clients to a simple coffee break in which to chat with colleagues;

  • Loafers
    A timeless choice that, as with lace-up shoes, can be adapted to many different looks, giving a touch of classicism and elegance. Adaptable both for formal attire and played down with jeans and a shirt;

  • Ankle Shoes
    A charming and comfortable proposal, which adapts to both an outdoor and indoor context. Don’t be fooled by the simple style of these shoes, because they go perfectly with even the least elaborate outfits. In addition, they are very comfortable shoes because they allow the foot to move freely.
office shoes | shoestechnologies
Men in the office, each wearing a different shoe
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Women’s shoes for the office

From simple sneakers that, as we have seen, can be a wild card for all tastes, to more elaborate and less predictable proposals. Let’s see them together.

  • Loafers and Ballerinas
    We are talking about two types of really practical and versatile footwear that can boast different models depending on tastes or even the season in which you want to wear them. As for men, classic style moccasins are suitable for many outfits, even casual. But, together with the ballerinas win on the “comfort” factor.

  • Boots
    A real must-have in every woman’s wardrobe, to show off especially when the temperatures drop. In addition to keeping your feet warm, they can boast many styles capable of adapting to all the fall or winter outfits you want to show off in the office. Both ankle boots and high boots that cover the entire leg are approved, depending on the style chosen;

  • Sneakers
    Of course, we are not talking about the same shoes that you would wear to the gym or to go for a run, but a pair intended only for use in the workplace. Maybe with some eye-catching design details that distinguish them from technical shoes. These days, for example, white sneakers are universally recognized as elegant footwear even if, as we said before, they are difficult to match. They are perfect for a casual style;

  • Low heels
    Here they are.
    As we had already seen in ‘’Maybe Not’’, a low heel as well as being comfortable or worn throughout the day can give better support to the foot.
office shoes | shoestechnologies
Woman in office with leather loafers
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The shoes we choose to wear every day in the office speak of us, both in terms of professionalism and character. What about you?

Which model do you come up with?

We are curious to find out. And to discover you.

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