Home Essentials Elisabetta Franchi: ageless fashion. From her debut at Pitti Bimbo to the launch of her first line of shoes for girls

Elisabetta Franchi: ageless fashion. From her debut at Pitti Bimbo to the launch of her first line of shoes for girls

The renowned Italian designer presents her timeless vision of fashion, expanding her creative realm with the new collection of shoes for little fashionistas.

Elisabetta Franchi: ageless fashion. From her debut at Pitti Bimbo to the launch of her first line of shoes for girls
Photo credit: Elisabetta Franchi instagram

Elisabetta Franchi, the famous Italian designer, successfully debuted in the world of children’s fashion in 2017 during the 84th edition of Pitti Bimbo, presenting her first capsule dedicated to girls. Since then, his presence in the industry has grown exponentially, consolidating his fame and arousing enormous interest in the public.

Recently, the designer is preparing to take a new step in her career, introducing her first line of girls’ footwear to the market. With this new project, Elisabetta Franchi aims to extend her creative vision and unique style to the world of footwear for young fashionistas.

Since her childhood, Elisabetta Franchi has nurtured the dream of dressing women of all ages, a goal she has kept constantly in mind throughout her career. Even as a child, the designer created clothes for her dolls, fueling her passion for fashion and the creative process. Today, her mission is to offer girls the opportunity to dream and express their personality through her garments, continuing her commitment to dressing women of all ages with elegance and style.

However, before exploring this new chapter in her career, it is appropriate to take a look at the history and path that led Elisabetta Franchi to her current success. In  the television program “Being Elizabeth” broadcast on Real Time, the  designer opened the doors of her life, narrating her personal growth, the challenges faced and the work successes that transformed her from an established dreamer to a successful entrepreneur.

The twentieth anniversary of her brand marks a crucial moment in Elisabetta Franchi’s journey, highlighting the tortuous path characterized by sacrifices and commitment she faced to establish herself in the fashion world. The documentary offers an in-depth look at this journey, highlighting not only the designer’s extraordinary creations, but also the intrinsic values of her brand, such as the importance of family and her commitment to animal welfare.

A significant aspect of Elisabetta Franchi’s philosophy is represented by the motto “if you want, you can” that permeates her work and her life. Through this statement, the designer tries to convey to women the belief that anything is possible and that success is within the reach of those who are willing to commit themselves with determination and dedication.

Elisabetta Franchi’s story: dreams, sacrifices and success

I haven’t had an easy life. Many look at the glitter, but behind success there is a lot of effort

Elisabetta Franchi

As she recounts in the docufilm “Being Elisabetta” Franchi is a woman born into a modest family.

Elisabetta Franchi | shoestechnologies
Elisabetta Franchi and the nanny in Paris
Photo credit: Patrizia Pozzati instagram

In the heart of Bologna, in 1968, Elisabetta Franchi came into the world as the fourth of five children, all by different men and for this reason she never knew her father. Her childhood was marked by significant challenges, as her mother, in a large family, found herself managing her daughters alone due to her partner’s alcohol-related problems. This difficult context is the root of his statement about the lack of simplicity in his youth.

To cope with the difficulties, young Elizabeth had to start working early to help support the family. Since the age of 16, she has been involved in a variety of activities, initially running an underwear stall at the market and later working as a shop assistant.

After completing compulsory schooling, she undertook a course of study at a school for model makers, exploring her desire to analyse, observe and understand the contemporary woman.

However, her penchant for more practical subjects prompted her to withdraw from school and start working full-time. He found a valuable opportunity in a ready-to-wear company, where he gained experience right from the start, making a choice that would prove decisive for his future and for the path to success.

In 1996, Elisabetta took a bold step by opening a small atelier, bringing her creative ideas to life and beginning to shape her career, outlining what would prove to be her calling in life.

In 1998, together with her first husband Sabatino Cennamo, she founded “Betty Blue S.P.A“. The company’s name is inspired by her only childhood doll, Betty, who loved to dress up in casual fabrics. From this beginning, he launched his first line, Celyn B., following the refined Parisian style.

After the death of her husband, Elisabetta continued the business on her own, transforming the Celyn B. brand into Elisabetta Franchi in 2012. 

Elisabetta Franchi | shoestechnologies
Elisabetta Franchi with her current husband and her children
Photo credit: Elisabetta Franchi Instagram

His signature began to conquer the international market, becoming one of the most renowned brands nationally and internationally. In 2015, her childhood doll, Betty, became the brand’s mascot, taking the name “Betty Doll“.

Elisabetta Franchi | shoestechnologies
Betty Doll
Photo credit: Elisabetta Franchi website

Elisabetta Franchi’s creations go beyond the satisfaction of fashion desires, embracing a deeper need for beauty and emotion. Her collections celebrate femininity, blending quality craftsmanship and tailoring. These are the distinctive values that characterize Made in Italy and Elisabetta Franchi’s unique approach to fashion.

In addition to her mastery of design, it is essential to emphasize the designer’s commitment to animals. Elisabetta Franchi has completely eliminated from its production all materials of animal origin, such as furs, lapin, angora and goose feather finishes. It has adopted eco-friendly materials that limit the environmental impact, while maintaining the aesthetics and high quality of its products. This commitment goes beyond fashion, highlighting her sensitivity to the ecosystem and animal welfare.

Elisabetta Franchi and her collection for girls

La Mia Bambina” is the sweet name that Elisabetta Franchi has given to her fascinating collection for girls. These garments are not just dressed, but embody the brand’s distinctive values, offering a “mini” version of the mothers who choose Elisabetta Franchi. Designed for vain and lively little fashionistas, the collection embraces modern styles suitable for any occasion, from day to night, catering to an age range ranging from newborns to 14 years old.

Elisabetta Franchi | shoestechnologies
“La mia bambina”
Autumn Winter 2023
Photo credit: Elisabetta Franchi website

With empire cuts, balloon skirts, high-waisted cropped trousers and embroidered t-shirts, the garments recall the essential must-haves of the women’s line. Dresses with captivating volumes and jumpsuits, which can be divided to adapt to different occasions, highlighting the constant search for a refined language.

Elisabetta Franchi | shoestechnologies
Advertising campaign FRIENDS FOREVER
Photo credit: Eflamiabambina instagram

The iconic figures of Betty Doll, a fashion enthusiast and symbol of the designer, appear both as a print and as an embroidery, while the dog Teo, a distinctive element of the patches, gives a touch of personalization to the looks of the little fashionistas and keeps the designer’s Animal Friendly spirit intact.

In the previous year, the “La Mia Bambina” collection made its debut with a flagship entirely dedicated  to Rome, offering an exclusive space to explore Elisabetta Franchi’s fascinating proposals.

The first girls’ footwear by Elisabetta Franchi

In collaboration with the renowned Elisabet shoe factory, an expert in the production of junior footwear and current partner of prestigious brands such as Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein, Elisabetta Franchi introduces its very first collection of footwear for girls. The official presentation of the collection took place during Milan Fashion Week last September, anticipating the debut on the market in the spring-summer 2024 season.

The distinctive element of the collection is a refined and unique style. Bold rope details blend with romantic tulle shapes and precious elements such as golden pendants and chains, manifesting a refined and unmistakable aesthetic, intrinsic to the DNA of the Elisabetta Franchi brand. The color palette includes classic shades such as black, white and platinum, alongside the enveloping tone of butter, without neglecting the iconic “EF” pattern that characterizes the designer’s signature.

Elisabetta Franchi | shoestechnologies
Elisabetta Franchi shoes for girls
Photo credit: Elisabet srl linkedIn

Particular attention is paid to newborn girls within the collection, with a space dedicated to jeweled shoes made of delicate white satin, embellished with gold and platinum details, offering a touch of elegance from the very first steps.

With the launch of the collection dedicated to girls and her first junior shoes, Elisabetta Franchi testifies to her constant search for creative expression without age limits.

From a little dreamer to a successful entrepreneur, she has faced life’s challenges with determination, transforming them into opportunities for growth that have made her what she is today.

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