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Toughness and anti-perforation are two key words for the world of work footwear

From Manifattura Pri.ma.tex, a Tuscan company, new fabrics for hyper-performing uppers and anti-puncture solutions that ensure resistance of the highest level.

Toughness and anti-perforation are two key words for the world of work footwear

In the world of work footwear, we talk about anti-perforation especially when we go to consider the set of hazards that can lurk beneath a sole. You will all certainly have in mind the classic image of the close-up of a worker’s shoe about to sink its step onto a protruding nail. A disturbing image in some respects.

While the risk posed by the sole of the foot of those working on construction sites or in many other dangerous situations is considered to be very high, at the same time one should not overlook the upper part of the foot, which is also subject to possible falling objects or getting caught on dangerous protrusions.

The upper of a safety shoe, therefore, should also be constructed from particularly durable, tough and strong materials.

A challenge that is not exactly easy when you consider that below the foot you can add a layer of protection, such as a metal sheet can be. A solution, however, that cannot be applied to instep protection and be as effective, unless one wants to return to the time of riders entirely covered in metal sheets. It is obvious that it is no longer the time of armor.

anti-perforation | shoestechnologies
Tenacity on the upper is so important for workers

Here, then, is where, over time, textile manufacturers have developed increasingly robust yarn weaves that can withstand almost any strain. With Armortex they have even gone so far as to make it bulletproof, somewhat like what happens with DuPont’s well-known Kevlar synthetic fibers.

Again, it is difficult to think certain types of materials applied to the world of safety footwear, although in some cases they have succeeded, since the result could be an army of workers walking around like Robocop.

Finding the right middle ground between durability and hyper-protection has recently been taken care of by a leading manufacturer of high-tenacity fabrics, Manifattura Primatex, which offers the market a wide range of novelties dedicated to the safety footwear sector.

anti-perforation material | shoestechnologies

Manifattura Primatex‘s innovative uppers come in the wake of studies conducted in the development of its world-patented VirusPower®, an ultra-high-tenacity, lightweight, breathable fabric used to make motorcycle suits that are revolutionary in strength and comfort.

Our research and experience with VirusPower® have enabled us to develop even higher performance yet super-lightweight uppers,

explain the Tuscan company.

What is the secret of this fabric?

The innovation is in the use of ‘uncoated’, but virgin and recycled high tenacity yarns, which guarantee a remarkable resistance to abrasion, bending and tearing.

anti-perforation | shoestechnologies
Puma safety shoe with technical upper

Fabrics that are super resistant but no less fashionable, a requirement that as we know is increasingly demanded by workers who yes want to be safe, but also free to roam the cities without being singled out for lack of style: that’s why Primatex uppers can be customized with patterns in line with fashion trends, even by design.

anti-perforation texkev by manifattura primatex | shoestechnologies
Texkev – by Manifattura Primatex

The novelties presented by Manifattura Primatex also concern the anti-perforation foils mentioned at the beginning.

Among them is the new Texkev nail-resistant 3.0mm foil (complying with the 22568/4:2021 Method PS standard) born of research aimed at reducing the thickness and weight of the material as much as possible. It is an extremely thin, very flexible and lightweight foil that complements the company’s top-of-the-line Thinner, a 3mm nail resistant foil that is super flexible and 40 percent lighter than market standards.

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