Home Essentials Winter is coming: what shoes do we pick?

Winter is coming: what shoes do we pick?

The shoes we choose play a key role in dealing with all the weather of the winter season, and we want to introduce you to a few that could help us.

Shoes to pack: winter edition
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The oncoming of winter equals: cold weather, shorter days, wind, desire for warmth, comfort always and in every situation.

Whether you are a lover of the cold season or not, there is always a need to carefully choose what to wear to dress up in order to withstand low temperatures and every weather condition, from wind to snow. Shoe choice, in all of this, is of paramount importance; we need to find a shoe that keeps the foot warm, that is aesthetically beautiful, and that is comfortable and easy to wear even for whole days.

The idea that in winter the only warm footwear can be the boot is now outdated. There are now many different alternatives that know how to satisfy both our personal tastes, but above all the needs dictated by the weather conditions of the season.

Let’s see together some of the ankle boots and sneakers that we can define as timeless given their success over many years:

Dr. Martens

Dr. Martens always continues to impress with its simple and eye-catching designs. Its ankle boots, for both men and women, are a must-have for the winter season that we can see worn by people of all ages.

The 1460 boot, one of the brand’s most original and well-known, has an instantly recognizable design with its 8 eyelets, Smooth leather, heel tabs, and yellow stitching.

For winter these can be considered a must-have. They are practical and all-weather resistant, thanks mainly to the comfort-giving inner lining and the non-slip, durable sole that offers safety.

winter shoes | shoestechnologies
1460 Smooth Leather Lace-up boots
Photo credit: DrMartens website


winter shoes | shoestechnologies
Timberland Premium 6 Inch Waterproof boots for men in Yellow
Photo credit: Timberland® website

Undoubtedly another brand that lives of great fame and importance both for its very long history (its foundation goes back to 1952) and for how they have revolutionized the world of footwear with its products.

In particular, we want to highlight the classic Yellow Boots.

If this boot is the brand’s icon there must be a reason… what is it?

It is a model made from Nabuk leather, which has over 400 grams of down-free PrimaLoft padding to keep the foot warm and give a comfortable fit especially on the ankle. The upper is made of eco-responsible leather and the lining from ReBOTL fabric, which is a very lightweight and breathable yarn, to give the boot a style that highlights Timberland’s respect for the environment. Finally, the shoe’s interior is made of glove leather, which is a smoother, softer, and more flexible leather that increases the strength and softness of the shoe to reduce the time all new shoes need to soften.


Here is another company that revolutionized the world with its boots in the 1970s, thanks to founder and Australian surfer Shane Stedman.
Originally, in fact, the Classic boot was worn by surfers who needed to keep their feet warm after morning surf sessions. It was born for a particular niche, but it did not take long for this footwear to become one of the most loved and used in the world thanks in particular to its softness given by sheepskin and its unique and recognizable design.

This product features a durable and ultralight sole to promote cushioning and traction, it is made with a sugarcane foam-based compound to reduce the use of fossil fuels to have a more sustainable manufacturing process.

winter shoes | shoestechnologies
Women’s classic short boot
Photo credit: Ugg website

Winter doesn’t just mean boots, sneakers also keep us warm

Surely boots are the kind of footwear that immediately comes to mind when we have to try to shelter ourselves from the cold, rain or even snow, but we live in an era when so many brands have repurposed or design sneakers that know how to adapt to winter weather giving us the possibility to wear our favorite shoes when and how we want.

We want to tell you about a few brands specializing in the world of sneakers that have, in their catalog, interesting products that can help us live a winter in comfort and with the style we like the most.


It is definitely the first brand that comes to mind that, with its success and revolutionary vision, has made sneakers that are perfectly suited for winter.

They have succeeded in developing the concept that even sneakers can offer the same benefits as boots or walking boots, in fact at the same time they are lightweight and attractively styled.

We recommend that you take a look at all Nike winter shoes made with GORE-TEX technology

winter shoes | shoestechnologies
Example of Nike shoes made with GORE-TEX technology,
model Nike InfinityRN 4 GORE-TEX
Photo credit: Nike website

They differ in being a highly waterproof product that can wick away moisture, cope with typical winter weather conditions such as snow or rain, and offer breathability to evaporate sweat through the shoe materials.

Even in the sports industry, especially the running scene, Nike has developed shoes that can adapt to low temperatures, such as the Nike Pegasus Shield or Winflo Shield.

These shoes have an insulating fabric that retains heat, have a reinforced tongue to prevent rain from entering the shoe, and have designed a specific outsole that offers traction especially for dealing with moisture.

winter shoes | shoestechnologies
Nike Pegasus shoe
Photo credit: Nike website

New Balance

It is another brand that assures us a rich catalog of shoes suitable for winter, including the 990v5 that combines cushioning, stability, comfort and style.

winter shoes | shoestechnologies
New Balance 990v5
Photo credit: New Balance website

All this thanks to a very compact midsole and the use of Ortholite foam that gives cushioning, better moisture management and a high level of breathability.


The famous US company is best known for its Chuck Taylor model. It is a sporty yet refined footwear that over the years has never lost its originality, becoming a classic in the world of footwear.

winter shoes | shoestechnologies
Chuck Taylor All Star
Photo credit: Converse website

This precise model was originally conceived and made for the warmer seasons, with a canvas upper, but Converse has reproduced it in a winter key, so that lovers of this shoe do not have to give up the ability to wear it even in the colder months.

The iconic tall model has been developed with a double-layered sole to protect against bad weather, with suede leather and a warm lining to ensure warmth without sacrificing its timeless style.

winter shoes | shoestechnologies
Cold Fusion Platform Chuck Taylor All Star
Photo credit: Converse website

Now we are ready to pack our suitcase

Whether we want to plan a vacation in the city, in the mountains, in the country or wherever we like, these different types of shoes perfectly suit our tastes and needs because the way they are designed and the materials used allow us to do so.

We have a wide range of choices demonstrating how the footwear market is evolving more and more even in the landscape of winter shoes, managing to perfectly combine style, safety, warmth, durability and comfort.

This way we are no longer constrained by not being able to pack our favorite shoes because they are not suitable for cold climates… and now who is stopping us from being able to wear, for example, our favorite Converse in a mountain village?

What is stopping us from being able to choose a boot on a city vacation where we walk all day without sacrificing comfort?

The answer is: nothing and no one!

winter shoes | shoestechnologies
Nike shoes in the snow
Photo credit: Foto di Christian Wiediger by Unsplash

Even in winter we can be comfortable

We have shown you just a few of the brands that have designed shoes that know how to adapt perfectly to winter by combining comfort, warmth and different styles that meet everyone’s needs.

Obviously, they are not the only ones who have managed to create this type of product, but we wanted to tell you about a small reality of this world to show you that winter does not only mean boots, there is a wide offer in front of us waiting to be explored and tested so that we do not give up our tastes and styles in exchange for comfort and warmth.

Do you have a shoe you cannot live without during the winter?

Photo credit: Gene Gallin from Unsplash

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