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AL. PI. SOLES: putting the sole first

The shoe is made up of many essential elements that, when combined, make up a product that can offer safety to the foot, comfort and stability depending on the contexts in which we find ourselves. The sole is one of those elements and so we are going to get to know it in more detail thanks to a company like AL.PI.

AL. PI. SOLES: putting the sole first

In our daily lives, during our commutes or even during a simple walk in the city, how much do we take for granted the importance of the shoes we wear and their characteristics?

By now we are so accustomed to a vast footwear market that we often forget about all the technologies, materials and components that, put together, create a shoe that can meet our very different needs and adapt to any condition and terrain.

Let’s take soles as an example.

Often underestimated but fundamental, the sole has a decidedly long and fascinating history, characterized by the evolutions it has undergone over the centuries. By definition, the sole is the lower part of a shoe that comes into direct contact with the ground, designed to protect the sole of the foot. For a long time, this component of footwear was made of wood, straw or  other woven fibers, particularly for clogs, sandals or slippers.

To get a better idea, let’s go back to the times of the Roman Empire. In those distant times, man had already understood the importance of protecting his feet; For this reason, very robust soles date back to those centuries, especially for military footwear, designed to withstand the long marches to which the legionaries were forced.

The real revolution came with the advent of the industrial era, when the introduction of materials such as rubber took the design of soles to the next level, ensuring greater durability and resistance especially to ground conditions and atmospheric agents. The discovery and production  of synthetic materials have allowed the world of footwear to use a combination of technofibers, fibers created by man through chemical processes, for increasingly cutting-edge and resistant soles in any context.

AL. PI. SOLES | shoestechnoogies
leather loafer
Credit: Geox
AL. PI. SOLES | shoestechnoogies
rubber sole
Credit: Geox

Today, the importance of soles goes far beyond the simple comfort and support function of the shoe. They are increasingly a key element in the world of sport, lifestyle and more, helping to offer the best performance based on people’s individual needs and the various contexts in which we find ourselves. In this regard, it is important to highlight the birth of companies highly specialized in the design of technological and cutting-edge soles, capable of putting unique products on the market; an example is certainly Al.Pi. Soles.

The outsole at the center of it all: The AL. PI. outsole

In Morrovalle, a town of almost 10,000 inhabitants in the Marche region, AL was founded in 1999. PI. It is a reality that has taken soles to the next level, combining technology and innovation to create unique products in the footwear market.

Their work ethic and focus on new technologies have enabled AL. PI. to grow considerably over the years, specializing mainly  in the design of plastic soles, but also in other materials, always in plastic, for numerous other sectors outside the footwear industry.

Reliability, skills and the desire to enhance the concept of made in Italy are all characteristics that have made AL. PI. A company capable of designing and implementing highly customized projects, especially thanks to their exclusive patents developed over the years, offering the market cutting-edge soles that combine quality, technology and efficiency.

The AL. PI. catalogue: Context and conditions

Delving into the world of AL. PI., their catalog is divided into exclusive systems of the brand that give the soles uniqueness according to the needs and conditions in which we find ourselves using the footwear.

OC System:

In many cities, regions, and even countries around the world, cold temperatures can be a difficult enemy to face even just to commute to work or take a simple walk. In these harsh environments, anyone, even the most accustomed, needs footwear that can keep them safe and warm.

The OC system is the solution conceived and designed by AL. PI. with the main goal of solving this problem, becoming a fundamental tool to feel free in movement. This system allows  the shoe to avoid slipping caused by ice, snow, mud and water, thus increasing the safety of the shoe.

It is applied to the sole during the manufacturing process, becoming an integral element of it. In addition, it is composed of a frame made of polyurethane, a rubbery and totally recyclable material that gives the final product flexibility, softness, lightness and high resistance even to extreme temperatures.


For those who suffer from puffiness, asymmetries, bunions or other problems that cause a feeling of discomfort when wearing normal footwear, the COMMODO system  has been designed above all to offer  personalized comfort for entire days. Thanks to innovative materials, the COMMODO system guarantees the sole significant wear resistance, ample flexibility and permanent fit stabilization according to the shoe.


PER. PI. It confirms itself as a cutting-edge company with attention to detail also with its latest patent. In this case, the focus was on the problem of aquaplaning and the difficulties that footwear encounters during rainy days or in the direct presence of water. The Wout sole  features a tread designed with special holes to absorb water from below and then expel it through side drainage channels, thus preventing the foot from getting wet and ensuring stability and safety on watery soils.

AL. PI. SOLES | shoestechnoogies
Wout | Alpisoles

When a sole is synonymous with innovation

To date, in the footwear world, we take for granted, in the footwear world, the characteristics of any shoe that we can wear every day, but it is important to know them in order to know how to choose the best shoe for us and understand its functionality and the best contexts in which to use it.

One of the most important components that we take for granted is definitely the sole; An element that has undergone a significant evolution over the centuries but which has always had the aim of guaranteeing comfort, safety and good performance depending on the contexts in which we use the shoes.

We owe a greater awareness and knowledge of the importance of all the features, elements and components of shoes to realities such as AL. PI. who have dedicated their energies and passions to revolutionizing this world with technologies and materials that are able to create, in their case, varied soles that are resistant to any type of climate and every need.

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