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Road Running: benefits and challenges of road training

Let's explore the reasons why road running can be the perfect choice for runners

Road Running: benefits and challenges of road training

Road running, also known as road running or “running,” is a form of activity that takes place outside of athletic tracks and this involves a wide audience, and is widely practiced around the world.

People running a marathon at sunset

Road running races generally take place on common roads, mainly asphalt, and distances can range from 5 to 100 kilometers. Two of the most celebrated specialties of road running are the marathon, which is run over a distance of 42,195 meters, and the half marathon, which is run over a distance of 21,097 meters.

What are the challenges of road running?

1. Vehicular traffic: The presence of vehicles on the road poses a potential danger to riders, requiring attention and taking safety measures.

2. Monotony: Unlike nature trails, urban roads may be less scenically stimulating, requiring greater motivation to maintain interest during training.

3. Impact on joints: Asphalt can be harder than other surfaces, increasing stress on joints and increasing the risk of injury if well-cushioned shoes are not used.

4. Personal safety: Running in the street may require extra care to avoid obstacles, cross streets safely, and take precautions for running at night or in low-light conditions.

Athlete practicing scenic road running

Despite these challenges, many continue to choose this type of activity, let’s see why:

1. Accessibility: Road running can be practiced anywhere there is a road, making it easily accessible to anyone.

2. Versatility: You can adapt the distance and intensity of road running to your personal abilities and goals.

3. Regular training: Paved roads provide a more even surface than rough terrain, allowing for smoother running and better concentration on running technique.

4. Speed: Well-maintained roads allow for higher speeds than other surfaces.

5. Community: Road running attracts a large and diverse audience, providing opportunities to connect with other runners and participate in social events such as races and training groups.

When practicing road running, it’s essential to take some precautions to reduce the risk of injury.

One of the most important aspects is to wear well-cushioned running shoes, here we find the shoes: Olympikus Corre Grafeno 2.

These shoes feature cutting-edge technologies that offer numerous benefits and are an excellent option for road runners.

One of the most innovative features of the Corre Grafeno 2 is the use of graphene, an incredibly durable and lightweight material.

Graphene, a material from which the sole for road running is made
Graphene Material
The graphene plate, created especially for the sport of road running
The graphene plate

The graphene plate found in the sole is designed to offer increased energy return and heightened responsiveness while running. This means runners can benefit from an added boost that helps them maintain a consistent speed and improve overall performance.

The upper of the shoes is made with Oxitec technology, which combines monofilament, polyester and elastane. This composition provides lightweight, thermal comfort and prevents water or sweat absorption, keeping feet cool and dry while running.

Cushioning is another key element of these road running shoes; they offer a great solution thanks to Eleva Pro technology. This technology takes advantage of EVA’s expansion limit to provide maximum response, comfort and durability, and the midsole has less deformation, keeping the shoe stable and responsive while running.

Girl runs on road in the city

To ensure safety when running at night or in low-light conditions, the shoes are equipped with reflective technology, a feature that increases the runner’s visibility, providing greater safety on the road.

Finally, the sole is made with a high-quality non-slip rubber provided by the renowned Michelin brand. This sole provides optimal grip on the road, ensuring safety and abrasion resistance.

Why would anyone prefer road running to any other type of running?

Road running, with its steadily growing popularity, continues to be the preferred choice of many runners over other types of running. There are several reasons why people prefer road running as their preferred form of training.

First is its accessibility; in fact, it allows runners to engage in this activity without geographic restrictions. In addition, road running offers greater versatility, as it is possible to adapt the distance and intensity of running to one’s personal needs and goals.

Runner wins marathon by coming first

Road running fosters connection with the running community, providing opportunities to participate in races and training groups, share experiences, and draw motivation from each other. These are just some of the reasons why many prefer road running over other forms of running, as it offers a unique combination of accessibility, versatility, speed and social connection.

Road Running: benefits and challenges of road training

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