Home Essentials FILA: The Grit of the Past and the Innovation of the Present in the Footwear World.

FILA: The Grit of the Past and the Innovation of the Present in the Footwear World.

A premium lifestyle sportswear brand that sublimates Italian passion into fashion - The beginning of Fila

FILA: The Grit of the Past and the Innovation of the Present in the Footwear World.

In 1911, in the picturesque town of Biella, nestled near the majestic Italian Alps, the Fila brothers embarked on an adventure in the textile industry, establishing their knitting and underwear industries, leveraging the abundant resources of Biella.

Since then, their vision embraced the unique artistic sense of color from Italians, beautifully reflected in sportswear, expanding the scope of their business. This marked the beginning of Fila’s journey, a brand that would become an icon of Italian sportswear fashion.

FILA TENNIS and the “White Line”

In the 1970s, a pivotal moment in Fila’s history occurred when Pierre Luigi Rolando, the creative director of the brand, introduced the “White Line” collection – innovative tennis apparel that blended functionality with comfort. The introduction of colorful and modern designs on tennis courts, replacing the traditional white tennis attire, was a true revolution.si a

This collection, which introduced the now iconic “F-BOX” logo, became synonymous with Fila, marking a new milestone in the brand’s history. Fila demonstrated its commitment to the world of sports, not only through sponsoring legendary tennis players like Björn Borg (which you can see in the photo just above) and Ashleigh Barty but also athletes in various disciplines such as skiing, swimming, mountaineering, and gardening.

Change the Game

In the 1980s, Fila revolutionized the world of sports shoes with the introduction of the distinctive footwear of the renowned American basketball player, Grant Hill, known as the “gentleman of the court.” With the slogan “Change The Game,” Fila gained a solid reputation in the basketball shoe market.

fila | shoestechnologies
Grant Hill wearing ”FILA Grant Hill” shoes

The “FILA Grant Hill” also known as “FILA GH,” became one of the most famous and beloved basketball shoes of the 90s. Grant Hill, a talented American basketball player, was one of the prominent faces of Fila, and his personal shoe became an absolute icon.

The “FILA GH” model, characterized by innovative and captivating design, featured a high-quality leather upper that ensured superior durability, while the sole was designed to provide excellent traction and stability on the basketball court.

The “F-Box” logo was prominently positioned on the shoe’s tongue and heel, adding a touch of authenticity and recognizability, and was available in a wide range of vibrant colors that broke away from the classic and sober designs.

fila | shoestechnologies
the Iconic FILA Logo

Even today, these shoes are considered a piece of sports fashion history and continue to be sought after by collectors and retro sneaker enthusiasts. Renowned basketball players like Jerry Stackhouse, Jamal Mashburn, and Kevin Johnson soon followed suit, proudly sporting Fila basketball shoes.

The Fila Fashion Phenomenon

Fila garnered interest and love not only among athletes but also among streetwear enthusiasts. Celebrities like the legendary hip-hop rapper 2PAC, contributed to solidifying the brand’s appeal beyond the sports field.

In recent times, with the growing trend of reviving past fashions, Fila’s historical line has been relaunched worldwide, reaffirming its influence in the worlds of sports fashion and streetwear.

It is important to remember that Fila has shown itself to be a brand at the forefront not only in sports and fashion but also in terms of sustainability. The brand embraced environmental responsibility and adopted an innovative approach to creating sustainable products.

In particular, the Fila Corea team, led by Sum Min Kim, adopted a unique perspective in addressing product sustainability. According to the Footwear Manager of Team Korea:

Our goal is to imagine a story that can be interwoven into the product concept, from the product itself to its materials and packaging, not simply launching a product with sustainable materials. We believe our approach offers consumers a taste of the definition and images of the sustainable products we seek to achieve.

This vision has allowed Fila to further differentiate itself in the market, offering consumers a complete and authentic product experience beyond mere sustainability.

Sustainability in a Line

FILA is expanding its sustainable products using eco-friendly materials and production methods, while simultaneously preparing for the transition to a low-carbon era. With the introduction of the “EARTH TOUCH” collection, the brand demonstrates its commitment to the environment. The collection features shoes made from synthetic leather composed of 85% recycled polyester and 15% polyurethane, offering a sustainable alternative to traditional leather.

Additionally, eco-friendly packaging made from recyclable material is utilized.

The use of Tyvek, a recyclable material emitting only water and carbon when burned, and sustainable rubber obtained from recycling rubber waste are also part of the collection, showcasing the brand’s pioneering approach to sustainability in the world of sportswear.

fila | shoestechnologies
‘EARTH TOUCH’ shoes collection.

Joining FILA in the “EARTH TOUCH” collection takes a step towards a greener future, where fashion and ecology come together for a positive impact on the planet, leaving a lasting impression for generations to come.

The Fila Fashion Phenomenon

A century after its inception, the brand has become synonymous with sports, refinement, and style. Worn by fashion-conscious individuals and professional athletes alike, Fila’s history is a testament to Italian passion and excellence.

fila | shoestechnologies
fila | shoestechnologies
fila | shoestechnologies

Collaborations with luxury fashion houses and influential designers have captured the attention of the fashion world, demonstrating that Fila is more than just a sports brand. It has evolved into an iconic premium lifestyle brand with a heritage of enduring success and innovation.

Today, Fila’s footprints continue to pave the way for success in the worlds of fashion and sports, showcasing that Italian passion for style and determination in sports are truly inimitable.

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