Home Essentials VM Footwear: safety and innovation at your feet

VM Footwear: safety and innovation at your feet

VM Footwear: safety and innovation at your feet

VM Footwear has established itself as a trusted brand in the field of work and safety footwear. Founded in 2003, the Czech company stands out for its wide range of highly specialized and high-quality products.

The company distinguishes itself in the work and safety footwear industry through its strategy of product differentiation and specialization. VM Footwear is committed to offering innovative product lines that deliver above-average quality. The primary focus is on providing excellent customer service.

Differentiation is achieved through four main approaches:

1. High technical standards:
VM Footwear offers footwear with exceptional features, such as antistatic shoes for special environments, cut-resistant footwear, shoes without metal components, models with excellent grip, and shoes for welders. These features ensure safety and protection in various work environments.

2. High quality:
The company uses high-quality natural materials with superior thickness compared to common products in the market. This guarantees durable and long-lasting products.

3. High-level customer service:
VM Footwear focuses on personal contact, building trust-based partnerships, and providing pre-sales services. This includes offering free samples, personalized advice, online stock information, and timely deliveries.

4. Value-added pricing:
The company strives to offer products with a favorable price-to-quality ratio compared to the competition. This translates into a wide range of options, a complete assortment of sizes, extended warranties, and superior properties to meet customer needs.

VM Footwear’s main mission is to consistently provide new and innovative products with exceptional quality.

The company is committed to building strong partnerships with customers, providing solutions to meet their needs. The quality of the products, excellence in customer service, and employee satisfaction are the pillars of VM Footwear’s success in the work footwear industry.

The company distinguishes itself by meeting the needs of a wide range of sectors and activities, offering high-performance footwear for challenging environments such as heavy industry, steel processing, foundries, freezers, construction, and demanding outdoor environments.

What are the innovative technologies used by VM Footwear?

An example is the patented Boa® Fit System, which ensures a perfect fit and easy and fast adjustment through the use of steel cables, nylon threads, and a mechanical reel. This closure system is renowned for its durability and reliability. Additionally, VM footwear soles are developed in collaboration with Michelin Soles, guaranteeing excellent traction and resistance in all weather conditions.

Thanks to in-house development, protected industrial design, and the use of technologically advanced materials, VM footwear is synonymous with high quality and durability. Numerous awards over the years have confirmed its reputation as a brand of excellence. Among these, the title of Czech Business Superbrands stands out, which it has defended for the fourth consecutive time. This prestigious recognition highlights the exceptional nature of the brand and its prominent position in the local market.

award won by VM Footwear
Czech Business Superbrands Award

VM Footwear has achieved great success at the European level.

Despite competition from other brands in the industry, it has gained the trust of professionals seeking footwear that offers comfort, safety, and durability, thanks to its reputation for reliability, quality, and superior performance.

Key mission of the company is its direction particularly at building strong partnerships with fact that it provides customers with solutions for reaching their success.

As the Brand states.
VM Footwear: safety and innovation at your feet

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