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Work & safety thinks female

In the world of personal safety equipment, women have almost always been overlooked. Few products designed specifically for the world of female workers. But that is changing.

Work & safety thinks female

The world of work & safety gets sexy was a headline in contention for this article. It would have been a bit loud and exaggerated, but it would have signaled a trend, particularly in the footwear industry. There is more focus on female workers, on making safety products that take into account the particular differences and needs that characterize the female work world.

Let’s give a couple of examples, just to make it clear that the current trend is not just made of words, but of concrete facts, of carefully prepared and studied collections.

Let’s start with FTG, which launches the Gemini line for her and him.

The footwear manufacturer from Veneto offers 17 new models with shared aesthetics but differentiated shapes for men and women.

Sixty years of experience and a modern, fully automated production site located in the province of Vicenza make FTG a leading player in the safety footwear sector with products that meet the safety requirements of a variety of industrial and professional uses.

safety | shoestechnologies
Gemini FTG – Charon
safety | shoestechnologies
Gemini FTG – Asteroid

The latest novelty launched on the market last fall is the “Gemini” line, which includes 17 new metal-free models designed to fit differently and specifically both women’s and men’s feet, as well as different needs in terms of support and weight distribution. Thanks to the development of differentiated lasts, FTG offers even more ergonomic and comfortable footwear.

The models differ in technical features and price ranges, but they share non-metallic toe cap and lamina, as the market demands today, and a new polyurethane sole with TPU inserts and a breathable, antistatic and ESD insole.

Let’s move on to DIADORA UTILITY, which for its part presents Athena an accident prevention shoe designed specifically for female workers.

The Italian brand is a spokesperson for women’s well-being by conceiving a shoe dedicated to the female world not only from a stylistic point of view, but also from a physiological and biomechanical point of view.

The project came to life within the Diadora Research Center and was able to take advantage of the prestigious collaboration of the Instituto de Biomeccánica of Valencia (IBV), one of the most authoritative bodies about the study of the behavior of the human body and its interaction with products and the surrounding environment.

The Athena line is the result of an in-depth analysis of the needs of female workers whose direct involvement was fundamental both in mapping their needs and in testing the final product.

safety | shoestechnologies
Diadora Work Shoes – ATHENA S1P

Thus a very clear picture emerged of the need for comfort, fit and lightness of female workers who very often find themselves wearing unisex work footwear, which therefore does not consider the anatomy of the female foot.

For the first time, the study of the morphology of the female foot is being combined with scientific laboratory testing to create an offering dedicated exclusively to women.

The company has worked specifically on dedicated last, lacing and fitting to ensure the best fit and to accommodate and support the female foot in total safety.

These examples are enough to say that the world of work & safety is changing, becoming increasingly tinged with pink. One cannot be certain, but the trend is clear, the way ahead. If you are a female worker, start looking for products designed just for you.

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