Home Essentials The Best Shoes for Back to School: Comfort and Style for Teens and Kids

The Best Shoes for Back to School: Comfort and Style for Teens and Kids

Discover footwear trends to tackle the back-to-school season with the perfect shoes, combining comfort and fashion for an unforgettable school year.

The Best Shoes for Back to School: Comfort and Style for Teens and Kids

As summer draws to a close and the excitement for the new school year builds up, it’s time to prepare for going back to school. Besides getting new notebooks and pens, one of the most exciting aspects is choosing the perfect outfit, and that, of course, includes the shoes.

Let’s explore the 2023 “Back to School” fashion trends, focusing on the favorite shoes of teenagers to start the school year on the right foot.

What are the favorites?

Popular branded sneakers continue to be a must-have for teenagers. Brands like Nike, Adidas, Vans, Converse, and Puma still dominate the choices of young individuals. The combination of trendy style and comfort makes them perfect for long days in class and activities after school. From Nike’s iconic “Air Force 1” to Adidas’ “Superstar“, these brands have become symbols of youthful fashion.

White is a Must-Have.

White sneakers are making a strong comeback, and their versatility makes them suitable for any look, from school uniforms to casual weekends. With a wide range of styles to choose from, teenagers can find the perfect pair of white shoes to express their individual style.

Skater Shoes:

Skater style remains popular among the youth, and skater shoes like the famous Vans Old Skool are a key element of this look. With their casual and trendy design, these shoes perfectly complement jeans and sportswear, allowing teenagers to flaunt a relaxed and cool appearance.

Boots in September.

Yes, teenagers love Timberland boots to tackle autumn and winter days. These sturdy boots not only provide comfort and weather protection but also add an urban touch to their outfits.

They are the perfect choice for outdoor adventures or simply walking around the campus with confidence and style.

But could we ever forget about Dr. Martens? Certainly not.

Dr. Martens are among the favorite shoes for teenagers, thanks to their unique and edgy style. These fashion icons offer resilience, durability, and comfort while allowing young individuals to express their individuality.

With a wide range of colors and finishes, Dr. Martens adapt to different looks and occasions, becoming a versatile and bold choice for teenagers seeking an alternative style. Wearing Dr. Martens is a way for young individuals to feel confident and challenge traditional fashion norms.

Slip-On Shoes:

Practicality is the keyword for many 2023 fashion trends, and slip-on shoes represent the epitome of convenience. Models like Vans Slip-On have captured teenagers’ hearts thanks to their easy wearability. Without any laces to tie, these shoes are perfect for quickly tackling the school routine.

The Best Shoes for Back to School: Comfort and Style for Teens and Kids

Chunky Sneakers:

The trend of “chunky sneakers” or “dad shoes” remains strong in 2023. With their thick soles and retro design, these shoes continue to captivate teenagers looking for a bold and distinctive style. They provide the perfect finishing touch to a unique and eye-catching outfit.

And what about the little ones?

For the little ones, the return to school is just as exciting! Children also want to be fashionable and comfortable during the school term. Children have different needs than teenagers and focus on fun designs, bright colours and practicality.

Colorful and velcro children’s shoes:

For younger children who are still learning how to tie shoelaces, Velcro closure options are ideal because they are easy to put on and take off, promoting independence in wearing shoes without adult assistance.

Many brands are committed to making our little ones safe and independent, such as Primigi with the PMG BLACK LAB 4×4 shoe, but also Converse with the Chuck Taylor All Star Easy-On

Sneakers featuring beloved characters from cartoons, games or comic books are always a popular choice among children who feel excited when wearing them.

These shoes are often decorated with fun details and bright colors, making them perfect for younger children.

Light and Breathable Sneakers:

Kids spend a lot of time in motion during play and physical activities at school.

Therefore, lightweight and breathable sneakers are an excellent choice to ensure maximum comfort and support during physical activities.

Geox Kids: Geox is known for its shoes that combine style and breathable technology, keeping kids’ feet fresh and dry throughout the day.

Rain Boots:

If the return to school falls during rainy months, rain boots are a must-have for young children.

Kamik Kids: If you are looking for rain boots and durable shoes for wet days, with vibrant colors and fun patterns, these boots keep feet dry and are perfect for splashing around in puddles and wet terrains.

With hearts full of emotions, all ages are preparing to embark on a new chapter of their lives: going back to school. The shoes they will wear will become companions of adventures, witnesses to games in the schoolyard, and confidants of secrets shared with friends. Going back to school represents a time of renewal, new opportunities, and growth. As children enthusiastically and hopefully lace up their shoes, we wish everyone an extraordinary return to school, filled with adventures, smiles, and discoveries that will be etched in their hearts forever.

A warm welcome back to school for all, Teen and first-graders!

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