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High heels that don’t hurt anymore presented at the Venice Film Festival

'No pain anymore', the revolutionary device for all the high heels lovers by Dolcini.

diego dolcini
Credit: Diego Dolcini web site

To be able to wear high heels is just a matter of habit, it takes time and perseverance, we were told. But what if now it is no longer necessary?

Diego Dolcini has left an indelible impression on everyone’s mind thanks to his appearance on the red carpet during the Venice Film Festival, wearing heels that no longer cause discomfort. This is an innovative project developed in collaboration with the company Gait-Tech®, which is revolutionising the world of fashion.

Thanks to this new technological device, it is no longer necessary to sacrifice comfort for the beauty of heels. Now it is possible to perfectly combine design and the latest trends with a comfortable way of wearing them.

Diego Dolcini: the high heels designer and the brand

Diego Dolcini was born in Naples in 1969 and is considered one of the greatest shoe designers. Although Neapolitan by birth, Dolcini is considered a citizen of the world, as he currently resides in Milan but constantly travels all over the globe.

His formative path began to pay off after graduating from the Domus Academy with Gianfranco Ferré, which opened the door to an internship at Dior. Over the years, Diego Dolcini began to make a name for himself in the footwear industry, to the point that several fashion designers acknowledged his talent and philosophy. From the very beginning, his creations embodied a perfect combination of innovation, originality and meticulous attention to detail.

Diego Dolcini  high heel | shoestechnologies
Credit: Gait-Tech® web site

In 1994, he founded his own brand and also won a prestigious award, the “Vogue Talents” for shoes, establishing himself internationally as the man who succeeded in bringing lustre and prestige back to the world of footwear with an all-Italian style.

The first person who believed in Diego’s talent was Domenico De Sole of the Gucci maison, who in 1999 brought him to design shoes alongside Tom Ford, consolidating him worldwide. His refined and avant-garde creativity quickly won over consumers around the world, as well as several iconic brands such as Dolce&Gabbana, Balmain, Trussardi and MSGM.

His brand works with only the best Made in Italy artisans and his elegant, high-quality creations have earned him a prominent position in the luxury market. Many showbiz women such as Julia Roberts, Monica Bellucci, Madonna, Beyoncé and well-known influencers such as Chiara Ferragni have chosen to wear his creations.

Diego Dolcini  high heel | shoestechnologies
Heels worn by singer Madonna.
Credit: Diego Dolcini web site

The Diego Dolcini x Gait-Tech® collection

A famous saying goes “Beauty is never without pain” and for years, women all over the world have sacrificed their own health in the name of appearance by choosing to wear heels. As well as causing damage and dysfunction to the nervous system and posture, these cause acute and chronic pain in the feet, knees and spine. However, thanks to the collaboration between Diego Dolcini and Gait-Tech®, the lives of high-heeled women will change forever.

Diego Dolcini  high heel | shoestechnologies
Credit: Gait-Tech® web site

Gait-Tech® has been able to create an integrated insole, consisting of specific and differentiated support surfaces for each individual part of the foot where most of the body weight is concentrated.

In this way, it promotes comfort by relieving pressure on the metatarsal bones of the foot and provides a healthier and more stable gait, without compromising the design of the shoe to which it is combined.

I have been working for almost two years with the inventors of Gait-Tech® to make the dream come true. In Venice, I proved on my feet what the laboratory data and the large sample of women on whom we tested the device have been telling us for months: heels no longer hurt.”

– Diego Dolcini

The model was presented at the CES (Consumer Electronic Show), the world’s largest technology fair dedicated to consumer electronics, and the collaboration with Diego Dolcini appeared on the red carpet of The Palace during the fourth evening of the Venice Film Festival, worn by the designer himself, along with the Roman actress Lucrezia Lante della Rovere. Both wore the same pair of sandals with an 11 cm heel, but their feet did not hurt.

According to the fashion website Glossy, due to the pandemic, heeled shoe sales dropped by 71% in the second quarter of 2020. Today, the watchwords are comfort, stability, traction, support, but without any doubt it is the look that counts. Diego Dolcini, thanks to his latest creation, has been able to encourage a major return to high heels, with a focus on consumer wellbeing.

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