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Rosenbauer: the solution against fires

How the Austrian company has established itself in the fire and disaster protection landscape with innovation and an eye to the future

Photo credit: Rosenbauer instagram
Photo credit: Rosenbauer instagram

Rosenbauer is a company that since its beginnings, more precisely since 1866, has been exclusively and closely associated with the fire service industry.

When it was founded, its business focused mainly on sales while since 1906 it has evolved to a manufacturer of the same equipment.

Over the years, Rosenbauer has greatly influenced fire services especially in Austria, Germany and then throughout the rest of the world being able to define itself as one of the international leaders in innovation and technology in the industry.

The beginnings

From day one, the Austrian company has had a vested interest: to be able to best support and protect firefighters during their operations.

Being the central theme that characterizes the work ethic and philosophy behind the brand, especially since the late 1970s Rosenbauer has been experimenting with another kind of product development

rosenbauer fires | Shoestechnologies
Photo credit: Rosenbauer instagram

What does that mean?

The company has begun to bring users and rescue teams into the process to include their requests, concerns and needs in order to have a final product that knows how to meet those directly affected.

With this new method, which seems almost obvious to us today but was not at all obvious at the time, Rosenbauer asked the firefighters to describe how they could envision their perfect vehicle so that the Austrian company was able to use the wants and needs as a basis for developing a new fire and rescue vehicle characterized by unprecedented design, functionality, and ergonomics.

rosenbauer fires
Fire and rescue vehicle interior design
Photo credit: Rosenbauer instagram

But to this day, what does Rosenbauer offer?

With its more than 100-year history, Rosenbauer has managed to establish itself on the international scene because we can associate its name with the idea of innovation and development of cutting-edge technologies and thanks to its work today it provides maintenance, customer service and more through a network that has been established in more than 100 countries.

Rosenbauer’s product portfolio includes: Vehicles, Personal protective and technical equipment, Firefighting components (extinguishing systems), Digital Solutions, Customer Service and Simulators, and Preventive Fire Protection. All these products can be found on their website!

Of these, let’s look at 3 in more detail:


Rosenbauer proves to be one of the most reliable manufacturers in the industry since it offers a full range of equipment ranging from technical firefighting equipment to special equipment for dangerous goods.

In this category we find firefighting helmets, tactical gloves, protective suits, firefighting boots, power generators and more.


The development and design of extinguishing systems is one of Rosenbauer’s main, if not core competence by producing the entire line almost exclusively at the Leonding site in Austria.

The segment includes portable fire pumps that are diversified by the many options they have, or includes much more such as the RTE Robot.

rosenbauer fires | Shoestechnologies
RTE robot
Photo credit: Rosenbauer instagram

This is a robot designed exclusively for firefighters that aims to minimize potential human dangers in critical situations. It also performs logistical functions and lightens the load of the services by being able to transport even very heavy equipment over long distances.


Rosenbauer stands out in the landscape of firefighting and rescue vehicle manufacturers with its extensive range of innovative and highly specialized vehicles.

The company’s offerings include fire trucks, aerial platforms designed for high-rise rescue operations, specialized vehicles tailored for complex rescue situations, and command and control units essential for effective emergency management. Each Rosenbauer vehicle is the result of careful design and engineering, with a focus on reliability, safety, and performance.

Rosenbauer: the solution against fires

RT Revolutionary Technology 
Credit: rosenbauer.com
Rosenbauer: the solution against fires

CT Compact Technology 

Credit: rosenbauer.com

With a seamless synergy between innovative design and advanced functionality, Rosenbauer positions itself as a leader in providing tailor-made solutions to address modern challenges in the fields of rescue and firefighting.

Michelin and Rosenbauer collaborate on workplace safety

Together with Michelin, the Austrian company designed the BOROS firefighting boot to demonstrate how standards can be raised in this particular type of footwear.

In general, firefighting boots are much more than just footwear. They assist firefighters in situations of extreme cold or heat, help them deal with fire in many different contexts, and to protect not only the wearer’s foot, but the whole body to provide stability and comfort even for long periods.

rosenbauer fires | Shoestechnologies
BOROS fire boots with chainsaw protection
Photo credit: Rosenbauer instagram

The BOROS line, subdivided into BOROS B1, BOROS B2, BOROS B3 Cross and BOROS B4, features a sole designed primarily to allow grip on different types of terrain and that knows how to cope with extreme temperatures in which these operators very often find themselves.

The rubber used is antistatic, meaning a rubber that knows how to prevent sparks from forming and another very interesting feature of this sole is the built-in wear indicator that lets you know when it needs to be replaced to extend the life of the boot if it suffers damage of various kinds.

rosenbauer fires | Shoestechnologies
Grippy profiled sole of Boros fire boots developed in collaboration with Michelin
Photo credit: Rosenbauer instagram

Their upper, on the other hand, is crafted from the highest quality leather, with double and even triple stitching to ensure safety and durability, but most importantly, the BOROS B4 boot there is an additional and very interesting feature that is exclusive to the Rosenbauer brand.

They are able to combine the advantages of all the closures of this type of boots known to date: simplicity of operation, customization and memorization of adjustment.

rosenbauer fires | Shoestechnologies
BOROS B3 Cross
Photo credit: Rosenbauer instagram

When the boot is adjusted, in fact, it can be opened and closed in a matter of seconds because it manages to adapt perfectly to the foot, and the specific flex zone at the ankle level allows natural movements while still keeping the foot protected and safe.

The rubber compound, on the other hand, is able to withstand the most extreme temperatures; that is, from -40° up to more than 300° and also manages to provide good cushioning especially at the heel.

The future for firefighter safety is now

Rosenbauer is demonstrating how a company with a history of more than 150 years manages to maintain a very high standard when it comes to the production of tools, accessories and technologies because at its core is a willingness to listen to its consumers and offer them fundamental help in their work.

Working in more than 100 countries, the Austrian brand that started out as a small business is now one of the leaders in the industry, continually increasing its vision to prevent, secure and deal with extreme danger situations such as those related to fire.

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