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Step by Step: How to Choose the Perfect Training Shoes for Every Indoor Activity

Some tips on footwear and models ideal for indoor activities such as fitness, climbing and five-a-side football.

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Are you a novice athlete and want to know more about the most suitable footwear for you? Or do you exercise regularly but have never paid proper attention to the correct shoes? In this article, we will explain how to choose the right shoes based on the indoor activity you do.

First of all, you need  to evaluate the type of activity you want to practice and what kind of effort is required. This is the only expense to which we must give particular importance at the beginning of a sporting journey, since it is necessary to use footwear suitable for the practice, in order to protect joints and back, but also cushion the impact with the ground. On the other hand, it pays off to spend a little more, rather than having to deal with health problems or having to repay every six months.

Be warned: even if it seems obvious, avoid training with shoes designed for leisure time. Models made for walking in the city are not equipped with reinforcements or insoles to support the foot. Exercising in poor shoes can be a risk factor for ankle injuries, knee injuries and even microfractures in the feet.

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The criteria for choosing the right shoes

It should be noted that the choice of shoe should not be made only on the basis of motor activity, but also in respect of one’s own subjectivity. Therefore, based on the anatomical-functional characteristics such as length and width of the sole of the foot, inclination of the instep, shape of the plantar arch, mode of support and so on.

Doing a physical activity brings with it enormous benefits, but only if the approach to it is correct. It is undeniable that vibrations, compressions, the load of a weight lead to overloads at the plantar level. For this reason, choosing shoes based on your physical activity is the starting point. A preventive action for the benefit of your feet and your health.

Generally, for any type of indoor activity, there are a few factors that are of fundamental importance when choosing a training shoe. Let’s see them together.

First of all, you need to look for spacious footwear with a wide and stable sole, which properly accommodates the toes and soles of the feet. That they provide enough traction to stabilize you during lateral movements. Then make sure that the heel fits comfortably in the shoe and that the support is able to lock the foot and offer more stability, reducing slipping to a minimum.

In addition, it is necessary to choose a shoe that adapts to the shape of  the forefoot and that the forefoot is padded, allowing easier movement.

Two tips: always remember to try on standing shoes, using specific socks. And don’t choose shoes based on price. Pay more attention to the quality range and their suitability.

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Fitness Shoes

In addition to your regular workout kit and clothing, it’s important to pay attention  to sports footwear that is specific to activities such as crossfit and weightlifting. If you’re a gym member, you may often interface with activities of different kinds: from exercises that require explosiveness, typical of crossfit, to those that require strength, such as weightlifting. The shoes you use must therefore meet a series of requirements to support you during a particularly intense workout.

In general, footwear must be optimally cushioned in the midsole and ensure excellent adherence to the foot to avoid injuries.

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Nike Metcon 5
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If you do crossfit, a particularly interesting model for you can be Nike Metcon 5, equipped with a lightweight mesh upper and React foam to cushion impacts. It also features a wider flat heel for more even weight distribution. The result is certainly greater stability, durability and comfort in the movements of high-intensity workouts.

What should weightlifting shoes look like? For you powerlift enthusiasts, a shoe with a solid sole and strong grip on the ground will be more useful to help stability during exercises. Some peculiar features of these shoes are  the reinforcements on the heel and toe, as  well as a band to support the instep, which allow more ease in the pushing action in the squat or deadlift position and improve plantar sensitivity.

An example is the Adidas Powerlift 5 model. Specialized in weightlifting, it is a shoe with a flat, rigid sole with low weight and a heel that is not too high. A shoe of this type allows you to carry out this activity in a safe and high-performance way.

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Powerlift 5 weightlifting shoes
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Shoes for bouldering in the gym

In recent years, the bouldering world  has seen increasing popularity. It is one of the climbing disciplines that takes place indoors. Gyms dedicated to this sport have flourished in many cities. Many climbers prefer to spend the winter in these gyms rather than outdoors. Unlike outdoor climbing, where you use multiple pairs of shoes for warm-up and performance, only one pair is needed in the gym.

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For beginners, shoes with a stiff sole and a slightly curved shape are recommended, to ensure better support when climbing. In the gym it is important that the shoes are comfortable, also paying attention to the lacing: the speed with which ballerinas or shoes with Velcro are put on and off has decreed the undisputed success of these models for bouldering. Despite this, there are models with laces that are suitable for the gym, such as the Vapor Lace by Scarpa, an excellent intermediate model for the rigidity and aggressiveness of the liner.

Indoor futsal boots

Indoor five-a-side football, an exciting and dynamic variant of the traditional football sport, has gained considerable popularity in our country. Characterized by a fast pace, honed technical skills and targeted tactics, indoor five-a-side football stands out as a discipline that requires not only mastery of the ball, but also considerable agility and coordination.

The footwear intended for this activity is completely different from those used outdoors. In fact, they are characterized by a flat sole that optimizes contact and grip on the surface, and have a smooth and minimal design. Usually equipped with molded rubber that does not leave marks, these shoes also incorporate a shock-absorbing midsole to absorb shocks and provide comfort during use.

Want to know more about futsal? Come and find out who Bateria is!

For those who prefer to play indoors, the centuries-old Japanese brand Mizuno remains an excellent choice and in particular we suggest the Sala Classic and Sala Club 2 models, which feature a lightweight upper and the Dynamotion Groove sole ensures grip and comfort.

Caring for your shoes

Whatever your shoe is, taking care of it means making it last longer. Depending on how often and how you use it, it will still need to be replaced from time to time, so you should always check for signs of wear. If the shoe starts to cause you discomfort or pain, then it’s time to upgrade to a new pair. Otherwise, you have to keep your sports shoe at its best.

Ideally, after each workout, you should clean your shoes with a soft brush or damp cloth to remove any dirt or sweat. Only then, leave them in the open air for a few hours. Some modern washing machines have special programs for washing them, but with continuous washing you risk ruining the sole and upper, so it is better to wash them with warm water and Marseille soap.

That said, the most important factor is still  to invest in quality footwear suitable for the indoor activity you want to practice, to prevent health problems and ensure comfort during training. Whether it’s fitness, weightlifting, climbing, or five-a-side football, choosing the right shoes not only improves performance, but is an investment in your overall health and well-being. This is a crucial decision for every sportsman, whether they are a beginner or an athlete.

It is important to remember to choose shoes considering the anatomical-functional characteristics of your foot and the benefits it brings to sports performance, such as, for example, sufficient traction for lateral movements or a good heel anchorage to stabilize the foot.

In this article, we have tried to list some common models of footwear for indoor activities. You can find more information about the importance of shoes in sports on  our website, otherwise stay tuned for any future articles on the subject!

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